Here S What You Need To Do After Sex To Get Pregnant ASAP

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mdh412 - October 13

The 3 times I have got pregnant in or less than 2 months ttc is practicing something I read here in this website's forum back in 2005. Depending on your length cycle, either 28 or 32 days, always subtract 14 days from the day that you're supposed to have your period and have s_x there and around that time as well. Bottom line, have several pillows and cushions next to you while having s_x. Once he ejaculates, do not sit up REGARDLESS. Lay on your back.Slide as much as pillows as you can and place them under your hips, so that the semen can enter the uterus of course through the cervix .Keep your hips up really high for as long as you can. Some people reccommend 10 minutes, but I say 30 min to an hour. Next day you will feel bloated 'cause of the semen inside your uterus, but hey it worked for me 3 times!


Jezebel - October 13

how disappointing. i was expecting miracle advice not the same ole' same ole' but i'm glad for you that that technique worked for you so quickly so many times.


E586467 - October 13

Unfortunately there will NEVER be a guaranteed way to get pregnant, doing this however (for 30-60mins) will almost guarantee you a urinary tract infection if nothing else. Most women don't realise that you should urinate within 30mins of having s_x because traces of lubricant/s____n/etc get into your urinary tract & CAN'T get out without you peeing. If it stays in there longer than 30mins the amount of bacteria that is building increases your chances of getting an infection dramaticly. Besides unless it was recommended by a doctor due to the man having dud/very slow moving/etc sperm, it is not necessary to lie on your back for sooooooo long. All the sperm you need to get pregnant is shot inside you when he ejaculates & will be well on its way within the first couple of minutes. Anyway goodluck to all those trying to conceive & keep in mind you only need 1 sperm to fertilise your egg.


mdh412 - October 14

A urinary tract infection? What does that have to do with ttc? The hell with the urinary tract infections! A pregnant women will get those a lot, many of them do, I did. Especially because the pressure that the uterus starts aplying to the bladder. Anyway, you don't have to be a scientist to understand what I'm trying to say. And whpever wants to try this (my idea), go ahead!!!


Jezebel - October 15

well gosh i must be broken then. this 'method' hasnt worked for me for 2 years.


Tonigirl - October 15

yeah...I have to say that I tried for months and months using this method and it didn't work. Actually the month I did get pregnant was a WAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM and I was up and running off to work. So, I'm glad it worked for you, but there are many, many woman who've done this for years and can't get pregnant. And NO Jez you are NOT broken...just slightly tarnished maybe...but still mint condition I'd say!LOL! MDH congrats on your babies!


mdh412 - October 15

Well girls, you know, I'm just trying t help some of you all. Thanks Tonigirl, congrats to you too!


Jezebel - October 17



Teddyfinch - October 19

mdh412: yeaaaah ok. that doesn't just magically work for everyone. it's kind of a "duh" piece of advice but i'm sure some women don't know of it yet. oh yes and it isn't necessary. you actually can sit up right after and even go to the bathroom. *gasp* and if you feel "bloated" from the s____n, that's probably a bad thing. the only thing that seems to do is give you the uti. oh yes, and you're wrong. the pressure on the bladder isn't what gives you the uti. it's the fact that some pregnant women refuse to go when they simply have the urge and they wait until it's almost painful for them. i haven't had one yet, thank goodness and i'm 36 weeks in a couple of days. there's a reason you have to go every couple of hours. it's so you'll go...



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