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123 - September 13

ive been reading about this and seem pretty sure but i still wanna know, what are the chances of pregnancy if on the day RIGHT AFTER the girl finishes her period, like day after she stops bleeding, and, its not even unprotected s_x but the male puts it in without a condom only slightly and not even for a long time, what are the chances? to me it seems small...but i want to be sure.


Viv - September 11

If sperm gets in your reproductive tract the day after your period ends, it may still be alive and kicking when you ovulate (it lasts 5 days). The chances of pregnancy would be somewhat less if you did this the day before your period begins, but you would have to know for sure when that was going to happen. Girl, go out and buy some condoms, and when you are ready for him to start, you put it on him. When he comes out, make sure the condom comes out too. Between that and staying with just before and after your period you will be fairly safe.


123 - September 11

ok thanks, but...just before hand, i had given him oral, so any traces or pre c_m would have been removed wouldnt it? and i was really turned on so i wanted him to stick it inside of me. however we didnt have full on s_x, in fact he didnt even push all the way in, as he is very concerned with this kinda thing. he just put it in for a few seconds and took it out. what would be the case there? also thanks for your reply...


Chris - September 13

Any contact like that can lead to pregnancy. The p___s does not have to be inserted fully, as a matter of fact, it doesn't actually have to get inside at all, just come in contact with the outside. The best thing to do is never allow an unsheathed p___s anywhere near your v____a until you are ready to get pregnant. If there is a chance one will be near, get on some birth control for extra protection. It is about 99.9% fool proof, but does not protect against STDs which are more common than most might think. As a matter of fact, about 33% of s_xually active people have or have had HPV at one time. Although it is not curable, a healthy immune system can fight it away and you will never know if you have had it or not. The web is full of helpful information regarding pregnancy and STDs. Do a search on


Viv - September 13

There would still have been sperm in his urethra from the oral and a drip of it could got in your v____a. I think the chances are 1 in 100. Don't sweat it! If you miss your period and get other symptoms of pregnancy, come back and tell us. We'll put it in the record book. Since you still haven't had full intercourse and the b/f seems concerned, maybe you should both back off and not let yourself get so h__y. Its difficult to control yourself when that happens. Lots of luck.



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