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closer - February 4

Right, where to start? .. My last period was around 5-6th January and finished about 12-13th January. Now, Me and my boyfriend had s_x on saturday 27th for 5 days ... non-stop! and all of the times was without a condom. I have been having signs of coming on my period for a while now but havent actually came on, i was wondering if you still get signs of coming on your period when you are pregnant? i know the only way to tell is to have a test but i just wanted to know. I have had some pink bleeding, well like bleeding after i pee, and i had that for about two/three days, I have heard that that could be implanitation bleeding but could also be a kind of water infection ? please msg back Thanks Cass X


SaraH - February 5

If you have a 28 day cycle then the 27th (or later) would have been after you ovulated (unless for some reason such as stress or being sick made you ovulate later then normal). However, if you're cycle is a lot longer then 28 days then your chances are higher. Here is the main way for you to calculate a bit better: All women ovulate about 13 days prior to the start of their next period (you get your period around day 14). This can vary by a couple days but it is always about 13 days (this is why ppl w/ 28 days cycles are told that they ovulate about 14 days after they get their period --it's also 14 days before they get their next period). The days from the start of your period until the day you ovulate is what changes, the days after you ovulate are, as I said, always about 13 days plus or minus a couple days before your next period. So, figure out when your next period is due and count back about 2 weeks. Does it come close to the days you had s_x? If it does then chances are better that could be pregnant. Also, you can have period like symptoms when you are pregnant --cramping is very normal. The bleeding could be implant bleeding which occurs about 6-10 days after conception generally. It could also be an infection (which you need to get taken care of ASAP if it is an infection), or sometimes periods are just weird and don't come on in a "normal" manner. If you are due for your period and you don't seem to get a real period soon, then take a hpt as it should let you know one way or another. Most likely though, unless you have a very long cycle, or for some reason like stress or sickness you ovulated very very late this cycle then you are probably not pregnant. The 27th (or later) would have been 20+ days into your cycle (meaning your cycle would have to be about 34+ days long -which isn't impossible but is very long for most women-). Hoped that helped some. GL.


closer - February 5

that helped a lot thanks, i counted back to the proper dates of when i came on my period last and it wasnt the dates i put it was infact 8th january. x



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