Hot Flashes And Pregnancy

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rainey - August 16

Hi tumby - thanks for the heads up. I have been going to a fertility clinic and they seem to think that since I have not pa__sed it by now that they need to go in and take care of it. I just want to get it over with. It's hard to move on when you are still carrying. I'm thinking of all of you and wish you luck! We are going to try again as soon as we can.


Christine - August 17

Hi Rainey, I am sorry to hear about what you are going through. I went through the same thing 4 months ago. To this day, I feel like maybe I should have waited just a little longer to be absolutley sure that there was no chance. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I have had 1 miscarriage naturally, 1 miscarriage that resulted in a D&C & 1 chemical pregnancy. I have been going to an infertility specialist for 3 years now. It is emotionally draining but you should never give up. Anything worth something is worth trying for. Best Wishes.


Rainey - August 17

Christine- You are so right - we are not giving up - it is definitely worth it!! My husband is having a hard time with this and of course we want to have something happen soon but I am ready to continue this for at least another year until we consider adoption. I hope God blesses you with a child soon - it sounds like you have definitely been through enough. I have my D & C tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to move on. We have a vacation coming up so I can get away and relax. I love being able to talk to people on this site - it definitely helps to know there are more people like you out there so we can help each other through. God bless.


Marcia - August 21

I'm 44 yrs. and have been having non-stop hot flashes for the past week or so. My period has been fairly regular since it restarted a year ago last June. Up until then I had been nursing my then two year old. My period was due this August 15th so I am now 6 days late. I'm a__suming I'm in early perimenoupause and am NOT pregnant. Hot flashes are an indication of high FSH levels, correct? I've also been having migraines which I'm thinking are due to low estrogen/hormone levels also a__sociated w/perimenopause. In my case I'm hoping you're going to say hot flashes are NOT normal in early pregnancy. What's the consensus. I'm afraid to take a hpt!!


Tanya - August 24

Ive been haveing problems with my menstral cycle since my 5 year old was born. My husband just left after his two week leave and during his last week home I have been having lots of hot flashes and hot all the time. We have been trying for another baby since my 5 year old was born. I dont want to get my hopes up.


Kandy - September 6

Yes, my name is Kandy, i am 2 months pregnant and for the past week or so i have been having mild hot flashes that have woken me up at night to the point where i have to get out of bed andsit outside to cool myself down.


Wants to be pregnant - September 6

This is a nice site. I don't know if i am pregnant, but my period was about 7 days late and it finally came on the 1st of Sept, i have been having headaches and queazy stomach and i also get very hot atimes. Could I be pregnant even though hpt test i took few days before my period was negative.


KC - September 12

I just stopped going to the specialist 2 mos. ago. I did IUI w/ super ovulation 4 xs & he said based on my harmone levels I'm just waisting my $. I have one baby and decided this is my blessing. I was diagnosed w/ POF. I'm 5 days late & took 2 hpt that came back positive yesterday. I don't believe it cause hot flashes have gotten worse!?! Didn't have it with the first. I will go to DR. next week. Keeping my fingers crossed. What do ya think? Could it be false positive?


Indie - September 14

Hi, All appendages are crossed for you KC but with 2 positives and being late those are both pretty big signs of pregnancy. Best way to know for sure is to call your OB and get the blood test. Please let us know how you go!! I came on here to find out if hot flashes were normal in early pregnancy. I'm 34 and single and decided enough was enough. Prince charming hasn't come along so I'm going the "donor" route. I am not late yet. AF isn't coming to visit until next week, so it's too early to take a test, but I have been peeing non-stop, feel exhausted and feel hot all the time...not so much a flash as a constant feeling of radiating heat. I really really want to be pregnant so I don't trust my instincts of "I'm pregnant" because it could just be wishful thinking. But I've felt strange the last couple of days. I hope I am but I am remaining cautious as this month I wasn't really sure on the ovulation date so may have missed it by a few days. Besides, even in the best of circ_mstances I still only have a 1 in 10 chance of success. Anyway, here's wishing the best of luck to everyone on here.


Rachel - September 14

Glad to hear all of you describe hot flashes during pregnancy. This is my fourth pregnancy, I am 30 yo, 6wks along and needless to say I am suffering from constant hot flashes like crazy! I can tolerate them if I know it happens to others. Thank you for sharing your experiences.


Marcia - September 18

Hi, me again : ).. still no period yet (after 9 weeks) and still having major hot flashes. Am getting a little alarmed though as I've had sudden waves of nausea lately, not very often but definitely happening. I did end up taking an HPT which read negative and I a__sume it is correct. Have and appt. scheduled with my gyno on the 29th. Guess I'll find out what the heck is going on then (I hope). This is getting scary. I'm a bit old to handle another pregnancy, though I wish I wasn't.


Rainey - September 19

Good luck Marcia. Keep us posted!


KC - September 21

Indie: Thank you so much for all of your well wishes! I just went to the DR. on Monday and he saw a sack - YEAH! I just went for blood work to make sure the levels are going up correctly. I am still very hot but the doctor said it was a good thing so I hope it is! I've got all the other symptoms so I am psyched. I hope everything goes well with the test. I should know within the next day or so. Good luck to you!!! I know how you feel - not trying to get your hopes up but I wish the best to you and everyone in here. Keep me posted!!!


Kathleen - September 21

I do not know if I am pregnant or not..I am nausea everytime I eat, hot flashes or other time I am cold, and have not had a period this month.....


Tina - September 22

Ladies, I just read a book t_tled "What your doctor won't tell you about premenopause" by Dr. Lee and Dr. Hanley. Wow. I am 36 and I truly believe that all those trips to the (gyn/Family Doc/Psychologist) I have made, the 2 miscarries I had because my progesterone is too low are because of premenopause. And the use of natural progesterone cream (which I have ordered already) may give me the opportunity to have a baby. Please get this book. I am buying a copy for my sister in law and a friend of mine who are both my age and having symptoms. I have 22 of the 40 symptoms. Fatigue, headaches, night sweats, mood swings, irregualr periods, fibroids, endometriosis, low progesterone, tender b___sts, weight gain around the mid section, insomnia, depression, hot flashes, infertility, etc. I will start the progesterone cream transdermally this weekend. I can now see hope of having a child. I did a lot of research on the net as well about Natural Progesterone Cream. But get that book. You will be shocked at what the doctors are doing or should I say not doing for you.


Rainey - September 22

Tina- Coincidence or not, I tried to get pregnant for 2 months and then on the 3rd month I used progesterone cream and I got pregnant. Though I miscarred 8 weeks later, I still think the cream is what helped me so when we try again next week, I am definitely using it. I start using it 2 days after interecourse and it worked! Good luck to you!



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