How Developed Is The Baby Right Now

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Kaleigh - October 19

Hi, I'm nearly 6 weeks pregnant. At the moment I am still considering whether or not to keep the baby. But I just wanted to check what stage the baby (well feotus) is at right now (6 wks) I mean has the heart started beating yet? are there any other developments? Also when do you normally start getting morning sickness>? I feel very sick but not actually been sick, also feel a little dizzy most of the time is that normal???


Daile - October 20

If you look on the left hand side of your screen in the blue box you'll see the link Stages of Pregnancy. Click on that and it will show you how developed the baby is in each week of the pregnancy. Also, I believe the heart starts beating 18 days after conception. Some women never get morning sickness, and some have it all day every day. It just depends on the person. It sounds as if you have morning sickness, just not severe enough to cause you to throw up.


E - October 20

The heart starts to beat around 6 weeks from last period. Best wishes deciding. Follow your heart and instinct, not what others tell you to do.


Mellissa - October 24

You are best to get an abortion at 8 weeks or earlier because it has the smallest effect on you getting pregnant later on. That being said, there is a strong link between b___st cancer in women YOUNGER than 45 and abortions. Studies are saying that as many as 5000 (United States) new cases of b___stcancer in women under 45 are due to abortions earlier in life. Abortion is supposed to be a women's right to choose but I think a women should never make any choice about her mental and physical well-being without being thoroughly educated first. A doctor will rarely do this for you and an abortionist is not required to either, even if you ask so, do the right thing and educate yourself on the procedures. Go to both pro-choice, pro-life and, unbiased web sites to read up before you make a decision! You owe it to yourself and your unborn baby.


brandy - November 14

this week ur babys brain, muscles and bones r beginning to take shape.yes, the heart has started beating. n about 10 weeks u will feel movement.


E - November 14

Brandy, get your facts straight. A pregnant woman does not feel movement at 10 weeks. Another pro-lifer who lies? No way!



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