How Do I Know If I Am Pregnant

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shellie - February 23

How do i know if i am pregnant or not without going and taking a pregnancy test??


confused?!? - March 4

I am nineteen and I really want a baby is that wrong?


n - March 7

ya i am in the same exact boat as you - im 19 too and want a baby so bad---can't explain it though-


Ginger - March 8

There is nothing wrong with taking a Home Pregnancy test and it will clear your mind too. And if you are, then you can go to the doctor to confirm it


seema - March 9

I want to be pregnant but my period is late how do i know i am pregnant


casey - March 12

how do i know if i am pregnant?


Ginger - March 15

Look, take a test... I did and I am pregnant! I used Fact Plus which I highly recommend because I took a First Reponse and there was a faint line but with Fact Plus it was two very dark lines and it was two days before my period. Goodluck!


toya house - April 6

i am 32 yrs old i had a period march 3-7 and had unprotected s_x on wensday march 9th i ahd a nother period after that on march 28-31 could i be pregnant i have been sick and tried and not able to tolerate smells


ineedhelp - April 9

i dont know i need thaat answered too


s_xi ark - April 20

iam 17 and my boyfriend want me to have his baby,but that would make his third child.we have been together for two years b___bs are sore,i have to go to the bathroom every five minutes.when i do use the bath my urine looks like water,i eat ever five minutes and my tummy getting kinda big


Sara - May 3

If you had a period and then had another after unprotected s_x, you need to get cheacked out by a doctor. It may not be an acctual period so go get cheacked out and find out that way. It is better to be safe than sorry


heather - May 3

see im 21 amost 22 i want a baby but i want one with my bf only, no one else.......can i ask u guys sumthing... does it mean ur pregnant is u have a really short period with barely any bleeding and not symptoms of ur period?? usually i get horrible cramps and i get real p__sy but nott hits month and it only stayed for about 3 to 4 days.


MizNusty - May 4

Just keep waiting and if your belly starts to get big and round your prego. If you want to know sooner just spend the $10 and take a test.


Rose - May 7

How do i know if iam pregnat, i have done home pregnanct test was negetive but i mist my periot since 7 weeks??


lee - May 7

i miss my period and my b___sts feel pain. Will i get pregnant?


Jennifer - May 11

This is in response to Mel: You shouldn't be so hard on some people. Some are really young and/or in experienced and maybe are afraid to admit their questions to someone they know. I remember, when I was in high school, I had a cla__s where we studied from birth to conception and I couldn't believe how naiive some of those girls' questions seemed! Some were very basic things, but obviously, not everyone is fortunate to have a family member or close friend sit down and openly and honestly talk with them about s_x. It's sad, but true. That is why this forum is here...for those who honestly don't know the answer. It would be more helpful to simply answer their questions. Remember, we are at all stages of life and so some things are new to us, while for the rest of us, it's second nature.


a real answer - May 12

If you suck in your tummy and press around on your lower tummy and it feels tender or painful then its very possible that you maybe. And if you have 2 periods in one month you could me. this should tell you something or give you more insight on your situation. If not t is very possible that you could be vety early on. And to the young people wanting children, you know that people are going to be very opionated in your situation, but if you can take care of this childs physical and emotional needs and are financally stable go for it just be able to act as an adult in adult situations



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