How Do I Tell My Wife

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Anonymous - July 23

I'm married with two children. About 2 weeks ago I very foolishly had a one night stand with a complete stranger. I'm now worried she may be pregnant and also the is a risk I have an STI. How on earth to I tell my wife about this?


John - July 1

What in the hell is an STI? Do you mean an STD? Man if this is the case, you need to be honest with your wife because either way she will find out, especially if you give her an STD. Just come clean, its the only thing I can teel you man. If you keep it from her and she finds out and your children, they will all feel hurt and betrayed even more, because you tried to be slick and cover your tracks, so just come clean or either make sure the mistress is not pregnant,and you not have an STD, and then cut her loose if your wife and children mean the most to you. Good Luck Man.


* - July 1

A STI is the same thing as an STD... its called s_xual transmitted infection. Some clinics call it this instead of STD. Why I'm not sure. But thats what it is.


hi - July 8

your a jacka__s


Lucy - July 8

First i would get checked for infections at the doctors, before you give anything to her, that would be truly horrible. Next, i would try and find out if she is pregnant, buy her a test. find out all of the facts before you announce this to your wife. If there is no infection and no baby, maybe silence is the best policy. My partner cheated on me, and i forgave him, we are very happy, but sometimes i wish i had never found out. It turned out to be the best thing that ever happend to us. But the fact he could have given me an STD will never be forgotten.


Laura - July 8

I think you should tell your wife, because if somehow she ever found out through some other way then she would be more hurt, because not only did you cheat on her but you lied to her too. Your wife deserves to know the truth about you. No matter how repentent you are she might decide not to forgive you. But she should be allowed to make that decision, because that was a very stupid thing you did! To have s_x with a stranger with no protection! In any case, even if you don't tell your wife get checked by a doctor before having s_x with your wife again! To give her an infection would just make things worse. Shame on you!


keshia - July 9

well first i think if your really sorry about it i would tell her, and second i think you are or you wouldnt be trying to get help for it, so if she loves you and you love her, just be honest and tell her the truth, she will finally forgive you.


a__s - July 23

get tested and she's not a complete stranger unless you gave her someone else's name.



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