How Do You Know You Are Pregnant

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Karla - September 12

If you had s_x yesterday and then you have your period today does that mean you are not pregnant?


angela - March 2

probably not pregnant. usually get prego closer to middle of month in between periods but anything is possible. if think you are take a prego test


jaecee - March 5

not really. I had a little bleeding and I thought I has started my period about 2 days before I found out that I was pregnant. But the fact that you had s_x only the day before... probably not, you weren't ovulating, but there's always a chance.


nora - March 15

haw a can now if i am pregnant?


shandrika - March 29

i been having s_x for a long time and i use to have a 4day period but now i have only 1 or 2 days periods


Chantelle - March 31

Hi, I saw a little bit of blood and I already had my period in the middle of the month and now my discharge is light white and it doesn't make any sense to me. I don't think that I'm pregnant but I don't know. Can someone answer my question?


jaimie - April 20

my friend is acying funny please help


sara - April 23

not necessarily just means that the the egg has not yet reched the wall of the uterus and plus the sperm has a few days to live


Katie - May 21

i think my friend might be pregnet how would she know.


Shelly - May 27

You can still have a period when you are pregnant. I had a friend that had her period every month for the first 4 months of her pregnancy. It is more common than people think to have a period, or some kind of bleeding while pregnant. If there is any chance that you are pregnant, take a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant see a doctor to start prenatal care. Some women don't have any pregnancy signs. Others do. It is even possible to have your period and be pregnant. It is easy to get pregnant. It has happened just by having s____n close to the v____al opening. Semen can also be accidentally put into the v____al opening on a finger. It is not absolutely necessary to have intercourse. Sperm are very motivated to find and fertilize an egg.


kechera griffin - May 31

It is possible that you could still have conceived


monica - June 1

How long after you've had s_x can a girl know shes pregnant??? please answer


jennifer - June 3

can you still have a v____al discharge or ovulate and be pregnant?


Me - June 4

I had a 5 day long period but it was 2 weeks late . . AM I Pregnant?


Markela Johnson - June 7

not really,because I have s_x and my period might come on the next day, that doesn't mean I am pregnant.


tiffany - June 14

i had s_x with my boyfriend can i be pregnant if my period is on it usually stays on 3 days but its going on the 5h day


Julove - June 16

I took the pregnancy test 2 line shows does that mean I'm pregnant?



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