How Hard Is TOO Hard TMI I Know Sorry

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Dolfinchik - June 15

last night I was having s_x with my boyfriend and I kept getting upset at him because I was afraid he was doing it too hard. Does anyone know how hard is TOO hard and at what point it becomes unsafe for my baby. I am a first time preggo and i'm only 6 weeks so i am very nervous. Thanks for your imput


sunshyne9 - June 19

S_x is ok while your pregneat and even in the 1st stage of pregnancy.. You do what you feel comfortable with though. I mean is he hurting you? LIke he's not being so hard that he might tear youor anything is he?? If you feel uncomfortabel though I would just explain to him that you do.. YOu still wnat to have s_x but not soo rough for the 1st little while until you feel more comfortable with it.. Im sur ehe will understand that.. :)


MyFirst - June 21

Too hard is a preference for you. It won't hurt the baby but you can become much more sensitive down there during pregnancy and if it hurts have him slow down.


falafal0 - June 27

Baby is safely cocooned in there, but as the pregnancy progresses, EVERYTHING, back and fronto fyou willbecome very sensitive and he will hurt you more than the baby. I would be so sore from 'normal' s_x that it woud hurt to walk for a couple of days. I thiknk this was mainly from my coxcycc bone and surrounding tissues. I oftentld my DH that it wasn't worth it, poor thing. He really did try. Then it was fine for age, and now that I'm 32 weeks along it seems to have started again. You have to let your boyfriend know when to settle down or to change positions . The after effect will let you know if it's working or not...good luck.


preggies3 - June 27

S_x while your pregnant is ok as long as your not experiencing cramps during or afterwards. How is s_x going to be enjoyable for you if your uncomfortable? Anyway you do what is comfortable and unless he is very wel endowed I don't think you have to worry about hitting the baby or anything, they are pretty far up there out of harms way. Try it sideways as if your spooning sometimes that is a little more comfortable since you don't have that extra weight on top or your not having to support your own weight. So I guess what I am trying to say know what feels right, don't be afriad to speak up.



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