How Soon Can You Find Out If You Re Pregnant

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Ashley - December 22

I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I began my period on 12/10/04 and I didn't take the pill on the 15th or the 16th. My boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x on the 18th. I've tried the ovulation calendars but I don't understand exactly when I should concieve so I was wondering if you think it is likely that I am pregnant and how soon I can find it out. Thank you.


BBK - December 22

It depends on your cycle, if it's normal, your next ovulation should be on the 24th, and your fertility should begin around the 21st. It's possible that cycle was shorter but less likely, and a lot less likely if your cycles are consistent. You can test 3 to 4 days after you miss your next period (if you miss it, and that's a big if)


Mellissa - December 24

How long is your cycle? If you have a 28 day cycle (you get your period on day one, you ovulate on day 14 and you get your period again on the day after the 28th day) than this makes it easier to figure out.


Mellissa - December 24

Well, if you were someone trying to get pregnant, you would have picked a poor day by choosing the 18th, let's start with that. My cycle is 28-29days so I ovulate (when I'm not pregnant!) 14days before the first day of my next period. You are the same so your next period won't be due until about Jan 7th or 8th. Count back 14 days to your predicted ovulation dates and you get the 25th or 26th as days that you may ovulate. Although this is not 100% reliable (as anyone trying to get pregnant can tell you) it's a good guess. Now, sperm can live up to four days inside of you which means you can have s_x four days BEFORE you ovulate, as well as the day of, and get pregnant. Sperm also take anywhere from 12-48hrs to make there way up to where they can meet the egg so this also means you don't have to have s_x just before you ovulate. One last bit of info: Once the egg is released, it only lasts 12hours inside you which means it must be fertilized by a sperm during that time or you won't get pregnant. Since sperm can't get to the egg any faster than 12 hours after the man ejaculates, if you have s_x say, 5 hours after you ovulate it is too late. Now that you have an idea of how your body works (every women should), it's still tough to say whether or not you became pregnant. We can say that your odds look good that you aren't but women can get pregnant during their periods even because no one can predict the way a women's body will act from month to month, even if you are usually quite reliable. When you miss one pill, take two the next day. If you miss two? Take two one day and two the next and then you will be caught up (don't do this if you miss more than two!) Wait until you have gone a few days of missing your period before you bother with those home pregnancy tests. Even the ones that reportedly detect a higher level of the pregnancy hormone (four days before you miss your period) don't work for a lot of women... me included. Wait a few days and in the meantime. try not to worry and hope that this scare will remind you to take the pills.


Melissa - January 3

I am expected to begin my period on the 6th, but my cycle is not quite normal. My boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x on the 2nd. Is there a chance that I could be pregnant?


ann - January 12

Can you get pregnant on day 6? My period came three days early last month.


bbb - January 19

i usually start my period anywhere from the 26th-30th of every month. if i suspect i'm pregant, how early could i know if i'm pregnant, and if i indeed get my period, does that mean i'm not? HELP


Jessica - January 20

You Probably are pregnant. It also depends on your cycle. If you are not ready to have a baby, you need to use protection.And you need to take your birth control pills every day. you can test 5 days after your missed period. Good Luck! How Old Are You?


jenny - January 23

i'm not sure if this could make sense at all to you. i had my last period on Decmber 31,2004 and usually iahe cycle of 28-30. my husband and i had s_x on the 9 th from the first day of period. i know that sperm can live up to five to seven days inside women's body. so, my question is could i be pregnanty. my period will not be due until 29 of jan. but i'm hoping i will be pregnanty. thank you


Marissa - January 25

How soon would it be if you havent had ur period ;till u kow if ur pregnant


emma - January 29

well me and my boyfriend had s_x for the first time and i was suposed to get my period in the fllowing week how soon can you find out if your pregnant?? and is it that fast ??


Irresponsible - January 30

I feel nausea-I had intercourse 2 1/2 weeks ago. Could I possibly be pregnant?


jacque - January 30

I had s_x about three days before my period and then I received my period. two days after my period i spent the morning throwing up. is it possible that im already pregnant or was i just ill from a bug?


tarah - February 1

i had a baby 5 months ago i am on the pill i had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend twice. but i took the pill late on two days but i had my reg period in january. I feel really different. Could i be pregant


Elaine .B - February 1

My period began on 1/27/05 and last for four days, I want to know when can my husband and I have s_x and get pregnant I have a 28 -33 days cycle,


ceri - February 2

how soon after having s_x can you tell if your pregnant?


lala - February 2

I would like to know how could you know if you are pregant



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