How To Tell My Husband

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2 - February 19

how should i tell my husband that i am pregnant. I know that he will be very happy, but i want to make it special and really surprise him.


Re: 2 - February 19

I would get him a card or something telling him how special he is and then get him a gift. The gift can be little booties or a baby outfit.


Little Me - February 23

I have a few suggestions: #1 buy 6-12 red roses and one white, or wise versa and let him guess. #2 Go to mall and ask the store to Write on white t-shirt "Mom To Be" or something that would give him a little clue.... :) Good Luck, I cant wait until I can do the same :)


AB - February 25



Ginger - March 1

The day I found out I was pregnant, my husband was at his friend's funeral. When he came home, I was consoling him and then I said, "When one life ends, another begins." I then handed him a little white box that contained the pregnancy test. When he opened it and saw the two lines, his eyes lit up and he said that this was the best news that he could of ever gotten. But on other circ_mstances, I would have taken him out to eat at a very nice resturant, ordered wine for him, and juice for me. When he asks me why I ordered juice, I would have then said, "Oh, my doctor told me not to since I am having your baby."


Ginger - March 1

I had another Idea.... Buy him a gift that says something like "Father of the Year" or "#1 Dad". Wrap it up and give it to him and say that you wanted to give him a little happy for making you happy. Or when he is at work, send him some flowers saying, "You did it".


Poppins - March 2

Okay, I have a crazy idea. Make him dinner but add red or blue food coloring to the different dishes- he'll ask why his whole dinner is pink and blue and you can spring it on him! Or give him a gift, a silver key chain or something, Inscribed with just one word "Daddy." Is he the sensitive type?


bump - March 5



yoyo - May 4

i would take him out to dinner and have a bug purse and inside the burst there would be a card and a gift bag with the test with two lines ... tell him iwas going to go to the bathroom and then give the watress the card and stuffand tell her to bring it when she brings desert and tell him (someone left this for you) just let him read it and figurs it out. ...... or i would paint my belly in pink and blue right b4 we got in bed and when he lifted my shirt up ;) he would see .......


MizNusty - May 4

Get him one of those Hunny, you knocked me up cards.


Caroline - May 7

well when my mom was pregnant with my older brother my dad said he was the size of a ping pong ball, so when my mom got pregnant with me, she got a ping pong ball and decorated it up like a baby, and left it out in a place that it would find it as soon as he got home from work.



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