Hpv And Pregnancy

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Junie - February 19

I was diagnosed with HPV two years ago and I had a couple of warts only on the cervix. The Doctor froze them (Cryosurgery...I think). I am not pregnant yet but ttc. I wanted to know if pregnancy will necessarily make the warts come back. I had a pap smear two weeks ago and it was normal. I know it has been two years but I have heard that HPV is not curable so I assume the warts might still come back and I wanted to know if the hormones in pregnancy will make them come back? Anyone who has been through this, please let me know or if you want share your stories. Thank you very much and Baby Dust to all. Thank you for taking the time to read my story...


j - February 19

I have sister in law who had that problem she found out she had hpv while pregnant,and the Dr, said that the hormones can make the warts come back and if u have a break out down there when u are ready to deliver u have to have c-section,because it not good for baby to come in contact with it.I hope that helps


R - March 1

Hi! I was diagnosed with Hpv myself but I have never had a break out, only an abnormal pap smear. I am currently 7 months pregnant and I haven't had a case with warts yet. My doctor informed me not to worry because it shouldn't pose any complications. Hope this answer helps. Good luck on ttc.


cmbaby - April 6

I was diagnosed with HPV 3 years ago and I am now almost 3 months pregnant. I have had a LEEP procedure to remove abnormal cells on my cervix and I have had a case where warts had come and been removed and I havent had a breakout in about a year and a half. I had a pap smear 3 weeks ago and it came back clear of HPV. Now I have a problem my Boyfriend is showing signs of warts on his p___s and we have had intercourse without noticing them at first now I am scared for my baby, we are going to visit the doctor tomorrow. Please wish me luck. I wanted to write yout to let you know that your not alone in this and I'm sure you will have a healthy baby.


e - June 28

I have HPV as well, and I recently have got married and I wanted to know if it was hard for you all to get pregnant?


N - September 2

I was diagnosed with HPV 6 years ago and have never had an outbreak since they were removed at that time. I am currently 6 weeks away from my due date and I have just had a breakout. I am seeing my doctor to find out if the can be removed otherwise I will be having a c-section. I never had problems getting pregnant but I only ever had 2 warts on the outside of the labia. Hope this helps.


v - September 29

I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with a strain of hpv that doesn't cause warts but can cause cervical cancer. I was diagnosed when I was found to have cervical dysplasia cells. My dr. monitored the cells with pap's and colscopy's and luckily my body's immune system took care of it and there are no signs of any abnormal cells on my cervix. I am now 28 wks pregnant and I have a wart that has just come up on my labia. I just went to the dr. today and he said that a v____al birth is still possible and it would probably go away after I have the baby, but he doesn't like to treat them during pregnancy. I trust my dr. but I am still worried about transmitting the hpv to the baby if I have a v____al birth. Does anyone know if it is fact that it will be transmitted during v____al delivery or if they do cesareans just a precaution in cases like this? I don't want to take a chance on pa__sing this on to my baby. And for anyone else out there with the strain that does not cause warts - my dr. said that you can carry any strain of hpv for years and never know it but that the one that causes warts is often found in pregnancy because the extra estrogen in your body can cause any tumor you have, including warts, to grow larger.


Brienne - September 29

To answer your question, it is very likley for the warts to reappear. I have recently found out that i had hpv, nevery knowing it until i became pregnant. I found out when a pap smear came back showing spots on my cervix. If i didnt become pregnant, than the warts may never have shown up and i would never have known. My doctors says that the hormone abundancy in my body is what caused the warts to pop up, but that eventually they may go away. But do take in ot consideration, every person is different, what may happen to one person, may not happen to you. Good luck with ttc.


K - September 30

I have HPV and i am pregnant it is not hard but i worrie if my baby is at rick for it


c - September 30

hey there i as well was diagnosed with hpv and im almost 9 months pregnant. yes the worts will come back and you may nit be able to have a normal delivery a c-section may be the right way to go. as of right now i do have many warts that came with the pregnancy and did have a normal pap just at the beguinning of my pregnancy. i think ill have to have a c-section but as far as my pregnancy goes it has been normal and i bet you will have a wonderful pregnancy when u conceive. good luck


Lauren - October 5

After trying to convince my doctor that I needed to be tested because of abnormal growth on my labia I have found that I do have HPV. It hasnt caused ay problems in the pregnancy, aside from the warts bleeding. They started growning at about 6 months. He is not very concerned about them but I am. I read that it is a 10-15% chance of transfering the virus to the baby while delivering. My doctor is willing to chance it but I am not, so I am currently seeking a second opinion. I have never had an abnormal pap either. Yes, pregnancy hormones can cause them to grow. My doctor will not treat them at all while I am pregnant but since I am due in 5 weeks he will remove them after I deliver. I would love o know if anyone has delivered normally while having a breakout. Thanks


t - October 8

hello, when you have a breakout with hpv where exactly are these warts appearing? at some times i see a bump or two in my pubic hair, is that a wart? i have had hpv for about 6 years and i havent seen any signs.


A - October 12

I am 18 years old, in college in a different state far away from my family and I have just recently been informed that I had HPV. I am so scared right now, i dunno what to do..plz someone help me..


t - October 12

to A, no need to worry, just take better care of yourself, i have hpv also for about 6 years, get you paps every 6 months and you will be fine. most women by the age of 38. that's only what i read but keep doing the research kiddo


v - October 13

To A ... it is very important that you fully understand which strain of HPV you have. Some cause warts and some can cause dysplasia cells or cervical cancer. Now don't freak out - like T said, make sure you keep your pap's up to date so your doctor will be on top of anything unusual that may require treatment. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with dysplasia cells, but my body took care of them without requiring any surgery. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and recently had a wart come up, so it is possible to have both the strain that causes warts and the strain that can cause cancer and never know it. Read everything you can get your hands on and don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions.


a - October 13

thanks for the advice..but im pregnant and im just so nervous that hpv will ruin my life


L - October 18

when i was pregnant w/ my son, i kept having abnormal paps that were contibuted to acute cervicitis( innflammation due to high acidic content in viagina) but was also later diagnosed with hpv after the birth of my son. i've never had an outbreak of warts, so i am a__suming that i have the kind that causes cervical dysplasia, although after reading some of your remarks, i see it is possible to have both kinds.anyways, i just wanted to say that my concern was really high when i was preganat so i talked to my doctor and she said that many times when a woman gives birth, the "trauma", in a sense, to the cervix will cause it to repair itself through healing. my pap smears have been normal for 1 year, so i guess i've kicked whatever , for the time being. i go to the dr. on fri so i will be sure to ask about the risks and different scenarios a__sociated w/ hpv while preganant.



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