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Anon - April 29

When we went to my first ultrasound, I was amazed. It made my heart flutter hearing our child's heart beating. But it made hubby's stomach turn... when i asked him why he said "because I know where it is" :( Now I'm worried that the farther along I get, the less s_xually attracted to me he will be. I know he loves me and I know he'll be there for me, but the statement he made just really hurt my feelings.


kjgblsfg - April 30

i would tell him how you feel and then ask him why he felt that way so you can work it out. good communication and a strng relationship will make ithe rest of your pregnancy a lot easier, especially when the hormones really kick in. good luck!


Tarah - May 1

I'm sorry to hear that he hurt your feelings. With men, there's a 50/50 chance they'll be attracted to you while you're pregnant. Some men love it and it turns them on and some men are just weirded out by it. My husband isn't exactly turned on by my belly, but he still likes to have s_x with me and is s_xually attracted to me. The reality that there is actually a baby inside of you probably just sunk in with your hubby. I'm sure once the initial shock wears off, things will be fine! I hope everything goes well for you and good luck! =)


NickieDo - May 1

I hope so. He's really wonderful, really sensitive and he worries about hurting the baby. (even though I have explained that the baby is protected and he's not bothering it) I agree that he knows for sure that there is a baby in there. It didn't sink in til the u/s. He's affectionate, but still a bit intimidated by the baby being down there.


Hella - May 4

You can't avoid him getting grossed out it happens to 90% of guys. My husband wouldn't poke me with a 25 ft pole after I got into my 6th month.


Lou - May 6

My husband is super loving and supportive about the pregnancy and he was very emotional at the ultrasound, but he is not attracted to me s_xually anymore and will not admit it. He keeps making excuses why he is not into it and it's so obvious to me that my stomach turns him off. I know he is absolutely thrilled to be having a baby and loves me, but It REALLY hurts my feelings. I wish he would at least be more upfront with me.



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