Hubby Use To Give Me Orgasim Now He Doesn T Even To Please

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Janet - October 30

Before I was pregnant we had an amazing s_x life. I'm now about 8 mths, I haven't had an orgasim in quite sometime, I've discussed this with him, he use to care, now he just does his thing to get off, but what about me? I need to oragism, but he's hopeless now.


kokybee - October 30

all i know is when i was pregnant our s_x life kind of went to pot, maybe it is hard for him to see you as pregnant, maybe you could plan a long sesual evening, and then make it impossible to slip out of the eveing without some action, What us women dont go thru to have babies, and you are almost to the end just one more month and then your body will go back to the way it was, just for encourgments sake, our s_x life went from good before pregnancy to not very good thru pregnancy to mindb__wing after baby, so i hope that happens for you too,!!!!!!!! God Bless


Janet - October 31

Thank you!!!!!!!!!! It's good to hear I'm not alone on this!


Stimp - November 1

You should get a vibrater. That's what I did with my 1st preg. Now this time around I don't even bother hubby and we're both happy.


Jennifer - November 1

u have a g spot .. its still there get him to feel around for it and get you off. he owes you a oragism. a real man wouldnt let himself get off with out knowing you too where satified... make him work a bit harder for is orgasim.... good first then him....


Janet - November 2

Is a vibrator safe? I was worried it would shake her poor little brain too much. He knows about the G spot, and b4 I was pregnant he alway's made sure I had the big O then he would have his. I told him if he would just play w/ the G spot that that works, oh well, I think I'll have to try the vibrator............ Thanks Ladies


A - November 2

lol, i sure hope vibrators don't hurt baby's brain! i think our babies are pretty protected. anyhow, i have to be on top all of the time now since my belly is huge, and sometimes as a break my arms get tired or variety i get him off and we have a viberating neck/back ma__sager that works like a charm for me! i have no idea how a back ma__sager compares to a "toy" but my baby is doing fine. good luck!


Janet - November 2

Whenever I go on top and have an O, my whole uterus is in such pain I can't move for at least 1/2 hour......... feels like a severe leg cramp except it's the stomach muscles, it doesn't happen if I O any other position though



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