Husband Is Afraid To Have Sex

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hurt in texas - March 7

a few weeks ago my husband and i found out that we are having a girl, well since then we have not had s_x. one night i asked him if were ever going to have s_x as much as we use too, at least twice a week. and he said he felt weird having s_x because we were having a girl and the thought of his daughter being inside me is just to weird for him. i felt hurt, i told him that the baby doesnt know whats going on and she cant see it. he said he doesnt care. i'm hurt that he doesnt want to touch me and that i obviously don't turn him on enough for him to want to have s_x. what should i do? i miss s_x not only for the pleasure but mostly the intimacy and closeness of it all. how can i get him to change his mind? i want to respect his feelings but what about mine?


sdf - March 7

that sucks, use a vibrator.


joey - March 7

i had the same problem with my husband, because we were having a girl. it really didnt bother him at first but then we learnd that babies start developing their ovaries while inside, silly i know but he thought that it was just to weird, alittle afraid that his soilders would somehow get to her. i reasurred him that it is impossible. but it's the way men think sometimes. i would just ask him to do other things for now, without penetration maybe that will help.


SD - March 7

Don't feel like it's you. There's a lot of changes going on, and as scary as it is for you, it's also for your husband. Woman understand and know more about what is happening to their body. Men aren't as informed. Try to talk it out. Hope all goes well


a - March 11

I am in a similar situation. When I started showing and "acting pregnant" he started getting shy about anything s_xual and we started having less s_x. Since he started being able to feel our child kick in my belly we haven't had any at all. It's frustrating because I have so many pregnancy hormones that I want s_x a lot more than I used to, and I feel rejected much more easily. We've talked about it a lot but have found no solution. I'm sorry I am not offering any help or advise, it is just comforting to see someone else going through the same thing.


Tina Seiler - April 19

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