Husband Thinks Its Weird To Have Sex While Pregnant

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Feeling Sad - March 17

My husband is no longer affectionate and will not have s_x with me since I started showing. He says that it is "weird". Any advise?


sm - March 17

Some women dont like having s_x later in pregnancy, and some men dont like it (though this category is smaller). Lots of women would think it great if their hubby lost interest for the last few months. Just relax, his interest will come back, maybe he has issues about hurting the baby? Perhaps you should also discuss whether he should be present at the birth, it is very popular for men to be there these days but if he is a bit sensitive, just outside the door for the final stages may be a good place for him.


expecting father - March 22

'weird' can mean many things, but one thing it can mean to me is that men, throughout their s_xual upbringing and maturing are not positively psychologically reinforced that s_x during pregnancy is OK. we are told that it's medically OK but when was the last time that any show on commercial television or film showed a steamy (or any kind of) s_x scene with a guy having s_x with a pregnant woman? it is due to this lack of this psychological reinforcement that i understand that having s_x with a pregnant woman (although medically OK) can seem wrong to a man.


Crystal Wright - May 18

Tell your hubby to get over it. S_x is great for the baby unless the doctor says so. Trust me I had two healty babies back to back and on the day I gave birth to both of them I had s_x. And I am pregant with my thrid one and still having s_x.


That's a shame - May 18

It is too bad your husband feels this way. Mine husband has wanted more s_x now that I am pregnant. I think we have more s_x now (I am 8 months) than ever before. He is waiting for the birth so he can try out my milk supply!!


Understand - May 18

My man as well towards the end of pregnancy loses some interest in s_x. I think it is just fear and not wanting to hurt baby. Talk to him and tell him that you are feeling up to still having s_x, maybe you could do different things...or seduce him in the middle of the night:) he he Anyways try not to let it bother you...and good luck!


kp - May 20

Funny, most men I know says s_x with a prgnant woman is the best.


Mimi - May 21

My husband loves me being pregnant. It hasn't stopped us any. In fact he is more affectionate now. Sorry your husband doesn't feel the same. Tell him it bothers you. Let him read some of these comments, he might change his mind. Good luck!


YUCK - May 27

Using TV for "psychological reinforcement" I know we are all affected by these images, but still yuck. Unfortunately you're probably right.


toni - May 30

my husband doesn't like it either. i guess one time the baby kicked during and he said it made him realize his p___s was in "too close proximity to his daughter." i thought that was funny, so i accept his feelings about it. it's difficult for me, but i want him to be comfortable with this.


tatiana - June 2

just tell him that it's not weird and that it's normal. tell him that it would help during labor. if he wants s_x, he should start getting it now while he have the chance.


justaman - June 3

I'm a man and let me just say that differnt men view s_x with pregnant women differently. Pregnant women are a fetish to some guys and they even might rent pregnant p___no videos. On the other hand, some guys can care less if you pregnant or not. S_x is s_x, is s_x, is s_x to them and your weight, race, age, and even gender doesn't even matter to them! But...there is a third kinda guy like myself who would prefer not to have s_x when his woman is pregnant (buldging and showing). Its a matter of preference. For instance, nothing is wrong with a husband asking his wife for a___l s_x, but she typically prefers v____al vs. a___l, and she'd rather not be pressured into a___l s_x. Likewise, don't pressure your man into pregnant s_x. Physical injury to the unborn or wife may not even be his concern. You see, this 3rd kinda guy no longer views his wife as a s_xy woman. He views here as a child-bearer, an innocent, emotionally delicate thought that crosses his mine when he's at work, on lunch break, etc. Its not that he's turned off by his pregnant woman's body. Its just that it might feel wrong to him. Again, the s_x idea my feel okay to the woman, but it feels slightly wrong or weird to this 3rd kinda man and he'd rather feel like he hasn't taken advantage of you while you were pregnant. You may not feel taken advantage of as the eager pregnant woman, but his feelings are just a real as yours. What's the solution? I don't know but don't try to get revenge by excluding him from the delivery room as "sm" suggested. To some men, abstinence is a honorable noble thing during pregnancy.


Wait a minute - June 3

SM did not say she wanted to get revenge by not having him in the delivery room. I think she meant that if he is not wanting to have s_x with his pregnant wife, maybe he may not want to see the birth....I suspect she said this so the husband would not have his feelings changed about his wife after the birth.


Jim - June 3

My wife is the greatest. The s_x is so much better when she is pregnant. She is always wanting s_x and I just love her body. She was not a thin woman before getting pregnant, but now at 8 months, her body is perfect. Her curves are beautiful. I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Great!! - June 3

I really like having s_x while pregnant. Thnak God my Husband loves it too! But not all men are the same. It is a shame your husband feels that way, but maybe he can make up for it in other ways.


to Jim - June 3

I think it's great that you feel that way about your wife. Seems like you guys have a good relationship....wish we could all have men like you~


Cristi - June 4

I'm on my third child now. The first two pregnancies were with my ex-husband who wanted s_x even more when I was pregnant. This time I'm with someone who hasn't touched me in over a month. All of a sudden our 2x's a day s_x turned into nothing. The other day it came out that he didn't find me attractive s_xually anymore. He doesn't understand why I've been crying so much. I feel extremely rejected. He a__sured me that it'll be better after I have the baby, and he went through the same thing with his ex. Well, I have four more months of no s_x and rejection. Women who have men who desire their pregnant bodies should count their blessings. It is a horrible feeling when the man you're going to have a baby with won't even touch you.



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