I Am I Pregnant

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mirokugirl78 - May 10

I was just wondering if I was pregnant. On 25 I had protected s_x with my boyfriend and for the rest of the month of April I didn't get my period. I took a pregnancy test but the all came out negative. Now I am thinking I might have my period today on May 10but its very light and I only see it when I wip myself...with this very light period I am also experiening very painful cramps...is this a sign that I might be pregnant.


Emma2 - May 15

you had protected s_x and are wondering if I can tell you for sure if youre pregnant....ummmm, heres my take on it....NOBODY can tell you for sure but a test!


Ceno - May 15

With unprotected s_x, there can be a chance of pregnancy. This light period can be an altered form of your regular period OR it could mean you're pregnant. Since your LMP is unknown and so are the length of your cycles, your fertile time cannot be determined. With those two pieces of information, it can be determined. However, all I can recommend you to do is take a test...since you believe this bleeding you have is odd. That's the only sure way at this particular point. Good luck.


EllieBaby - May 16

The same thing happend to me while I was on vacation, I thought it was my period acting weird. It lasted over a week then went away, but never got heavy. 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. There is a chance you are. All you can do is take care of yourself and wait a little while longer to take the test again.


Emma2 - May 17

People am I missing something here she claims to have had PROTECTED s_x?


EllieBaby - May 17

I'm a__suming she meant unprotected s_x, people make mistakes typing all the time. Even if she did mean she used condoms, stuff happens. I was on birth control when I got pregnant. If you don't think it's possible for her to have been pregnant, why'd you recommend she take a test. We're just giving our opinion.



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