I Came And Some Semen Fell On Her Vaginal Area Help

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Paranoid - October 22

I was having unprotected oral s_x with my girlfriend a couple of days ago and while she was performing oral s_x on me I came a bit in her mouth. Since I am very open to s_x, nothing seems so gross me out, I started kissing her and then like 2 minutes later I performed oral s_x before it finally hit me...Could I get her pregnant by rubbing my tongue on her va___al lips even though some of my semen was in her mouth prior to the kissing? I didn't stick my tongue inside of her either but I am just freaking out. Please help.


dew - October 22

if she got pregnant from that I would be very surprised. sperm die when they are exposed to oxygen. If she took a breath with your s____n in her mouth the sperm died. also, the s____n would have to go far pa__sed the lips to get her pregnant. with all due respect, you should get a book about conception.


noname - October 24

sperms can live in s____n thou. its unlikely for her to get pergnant, but theres a slight chance that the sperms can swim up. hav her take a pregnancy test if she misses her period. wish ya good luck.


Janice - October 25

That's a hard one...I don't think it is very likely but hopefully other people with more knowledge can help. Good luck.


paranoid - October 26

Could more people comment please, Iam desperate to get more inputs about this. Thank you for your time.


no name - November 17

someone pls send more input on this


Samantha - November 18

Well dew im not meaning to be rude but sperm doesnt die when it hits the air its a myth but its not true! I think it would be very unlikey but it is possible if sperm gets in the v____a or near the vulva there is always a chance of pregnancy ! I do wish you the best of luck and I hope that if she is pregnant that you will be responsible and be there for her:D good luck


sweetheart - November 18

Hi honey...just judging from the info you gave, its not very likely at all...possible, but not at all likely. I would bet my bottom dollar that you have nothing to worry about


AShley - November 19

Sperm does not die once it hits air, Once it dries up completely then it dies. Just thought you guys might want to know. Hey paranoid, I doubt that your gf would get pregnant from what you did, its still possible but probably quite slim.



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