I Cant Have Sex Why Every1 Else Can

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hannah - April 20

im 15 and i cant have s_x wid my boyfriend weve been tryn 4 ages cuz were rele inlove n happy 2geva, fing is wen eva we try 2 have s_x his p__s doesnt go in!! i feel rele embarrassed, i dont c y it wont!! ne help advise?


wise - April 20

maybe its because you're too young. and if you do succed in having s_x (which isn't a good idea at your age b/c you have a much greater chance of contracting STD's or getting pregnant) USE A CONDOM!!!!!


Serenity - April 24

First of all you are 15. Maybe God's trying to tell ya something? Ever thought of that? Wait till you're older and married!


Nero - April 27

She's not too young for s_x. Hannah, you should change your s_x partner. Get a real man!


Jbear - April 28

Some women have a hymen (the membrane that is torn when your "cherry" is popped) that's so thick that it has to be surgically removed. Otherwise, you might be having trouble lining things up. You can guide him with your hand. Don't forget to use birth control, it's what makes s_x the most enjoyable, because otherwise you spend all your time worrying about getting pregnant.


tina - June 21

dont worry im in the same boat im 18 and ive been trying for ages but it just wont go in, go and see your doctor if your really worried otherwise wait till your a bit older.


juniper - June 21

I agree with baby. GROW UP. Try getting attention somewhere else.


nervous mom to be - June 21

Hannah, I think that you are too young to have s_x. Your body is obviously not ready. Do you think that you are emotionally ready? If something happened and you got pregnant, are you prepared for that? You are only 15 and you have plenty of time for s_x later. It will not hurt you to wait til you are a year or two older. Please consider my advice.


whatcha thinking? - June 22

Your 15, maybe this is supposed to mean your body and your MIND isnt ready for s_x. It takes alittle more work then a few kisses and light petting to get a WOMAN turned on.If your really intent on having s_x, try going thru the bases and let yourself warm up, you might have better results



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