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thatgirl22 - November 21

me and my boyfriend have been trying to concieve, the first day of my ovulation we had s_x for the first time in 2 days and he c_mmed inside me, we had s_x around 10am, and we kept my hips up and elevated for about an hour, i laid my back on the floor and kept my body completely up on the bed so i was tilted almost upside down for about a half hour and i laid there the remained of the time till about 1, so a total of 3 hours before i got up and got it out at all. The next day i had this extremely light almost undetectable cramp by my belly button, so light it didnt even hurt just a weird feeling, its been about 4 to6 days since that, thinking we were unsuccessful i made the dumb choice of drinking the other night, usually i can hold my liquer well and i rarely puke, this time i took some shots and after drinking for less than a hour i was in the bathroom doubeled over in pain, sweating really bad, over heated, but i couldnt puke just a had a horrible pain in my stomach ive never had before, im also tired alot more and have been sleeping in till 12 the past few days when im normally up by 8am, do you think that this early just days after these could be possible signs? and any opinions of the probability of what we did on the first day of ovulation and me concieving, im wondering what the odds were that we were successful i really need anwsers guys:-/ i dont know what to think


roguemelody - November 26

Personally I'm not too sure. I've heard both sides of the coin - some ppl say that there is NO WAY you can get signs that early - while other ppl will disagree saying that it is possible for some women to get symptoms right away if they did conceive. I guess the only real way to find out is wait until your period is supposed to come and if you're late take a HPT. Good Luck I hope you are pregnant!!



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