I Dont Know Who Is The Father

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lisa - November 21

i had s_x on september 9th with my ex boyfriend and with my new boyfriend i had s_x with him on the 19 and i got my period on september 26 thatn i had s_x again with my ex boyfriend on october 11 and now i'm 8 weeks pregnant who is the father


Audrey - November 21

The father is the one you had s_x with on October 11 because you would have been ovulating then. You have to talk to him and make some decisions as to what to do now.


emschmutte - January 8

i had s_x mid may with an ex after a huge fight with my boyfriend. I only had s_x with him that once and then got my period in june. i had s_x that month (june) with my boyfriend and that was it. i didnt get my period in July and found out i was pregnant. from what i have read, you conceive 14 days after the first day of your last period. I started june 8 which means i would have conceived on June 22. my ultrasound says that i am due march 21, 2006, so my question is, is my boyfriend the father since i only had s_x with my ex once and got my period the following month? please help. i feel 100% that this baby is my boyfriend's but i just need some rea__surance to make me feel better! it just doesnt seem possible that it could be the other guy's when i received my period the month following when i had s_x with him. thanks!


claire - January 8

i conceived between the 5th-10th june and my baby is due 26th feb!


To: emschmutte - January 8

I had my last period around June 11th. Just a few days after you. I am also due March 21, and the doctors said I concieved around June 23rd. So I think you're pregnant by whoever you had s_x with around June 22nd. Hope that helps!


To: Lisa - January 8

Looks to me like your ex is the father. Did you have s_x with your current anytime after the ex from the 19th & 11th?


izzy1052 - January 9

very old post guys... her baby is over a yr old now lol



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