I Feel Like I M On A Jerry Springer Show

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Paranoid Guy - January 10

Last month on December 6th, this girl told me that she was 9 weeks pregnant. She tells me that I'm not the father of her unborn baby because she got her period a few weeks after we had s_x, but I still cannot have peace of mind without knowing for sure that I did not get this girl pregnant. Here is the story. I had unprotected s_x with this girl on the 12th of September 2004. I think I pulled out in time before I came. Till this day, I’m not sure if I pre-c_med inside of her. I might’ve ejaculated semen inside of her. Prior to that night, I didn’t ejaculate semen in well over 4 weeks, so I was ‘loaded’. She informed me that she "thinks" she got her period on August 28, 2004. I’m so worried that I might actually be the father of her baby since the timing is so right. She told me not to worry because it’s not mine. She gave me three reasons why it can’t be mine. 1. She took a home pregnancy test called 1st response, but wasn’t sure when she took it, she is guessing in middle of September. It came out negative. I’m skeptical about the result because she took it too soon and 1st response is not sensitive enough to detect anything that early. 2. A clinic confirmed her pregnancy and dated her last period to be on October 5, 2004. The baby is due in July 2005. She also recalls having her period early in October. And lastly,3. She missed her period in November 2004 . These 3 reasons give me an 85% reassurance. She told me that she it is her boyfriend’s baby for sure because they always have unprotected s_x for hours. Regardless, paranoia is definitely setting in. I need some reassurance that there is absolutely no way I can be the father of her baby. A paternity test will do, but that is too costly….I am so scared that when she gives birth, it turns out to be my baby. What are the chances of me actually being the father? So much of my future is riding on this. The next few months with this thought of being the father clouding my mind will definitely be agonizing. Any inputs on this will be greatly appreciated!


Tammy - January 11

It seems to me that you want to be the father of the baby.........! If she says you are NOT the FATHER then you should realy just leave it at that! And leave her alone and let her be! Dont go stirring up problems You are NOT the FATHER!



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