I Got My Wifes Friend Pregnant But Its Her Fault

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Bobby - January 8

I am a stay at home dad. One of the moms at my kids class that my wife and I know invited me to go to her house untill the class was over in a hour. She showed me around the house and when we got to the bedroom she attaked me and we had s_x. She asked about a condom but I told her I don't use them. She didn't stop, so we had unprotected s_x. She only told me this didn't happen. And don't be suprised if it happens again. She was acting strange for 2 weeks. Then she told me she is pregnant and its proboby mine like 90% chance. She is mad and blameing me for not using a condom. Is this all my fault? How do I tell me wife? If it is mine I want to be in the kids life. Do I have a say? She should have been on the pill.


takes 2 ya know! - January 8

it takes 2,your both irresponsible! do you know shes definetly pregnant-maybe shes lying! and you are just a cheating low life!


Bobby - January 8

She is also married.and I don't know why she would lie.


wendy - January 9

well first of all you should have not done it, you could have said no.


mum2be - January 9

Oh, and what about the children?? they're now caught in the middle of what could've been avoided in the first place...


no name - January 10

gon head and tell the truth its a possibility she might 4give u.


ADIV - January 11



WHAT A DIRT BAG - January 13

you sound so inocent ,:she attaked me and we had s_x' oh so is she bigger than you she forced you!!!,'so we had unprotected s_x. ' are you MAD. Men MY GOSH !!!!!!!! you are just a FOOL.the best thing is to be honest with your wife but tell her the truth not like you did here as there is no way that you did not want it. You wanted it just as bad as your friend did. ADMIT IT


Melissa - January 18

If she attacked you in the bathroom and MADE you have s_x...Why don't you have rape charges filed against her? sounds to me like you wanted it to...i feel sorry for you wife. Jerk.


gail - January 25

Everyone calls you a cheater but what about her. She is a cheating s___t.


Melissa - January 25

yes gail she is a cheating s___t and so is he, if he would have stopped her and not had s_x with her, (and you know he could have) then we could probably feel bad for him. But like a typical male pig, he didn't think about his wife or his kids or cheating, all he thought about was having s_x...yes she did come on to him, but he could have stopped her TWICE and didn't: once when she "attacked" him, and then again when she asked for a condom, instead of saying "this isn't right I can't do this, I'm married" he said "no, I don't use condoms" and he had s_x with her anyways, that is why we are all calling him a cheater, if she would have posted her side of the story, we would call her a cheater too. They both are dumb and now that he may have got her pregnant they both have to live with it, they will probably both lose their spouse over this and hurt their kids all because they had to have s_x.


d__k - January 26

she is a s___t


Debbie - January 29

Of course its your fault. What kind of father, husband are you anyways? Sounds to me like a no good rat to me!


Da Master - February 3

Ok that chick is certainly a h__y dogg cuz she didnt stop when you said you didnt have a condom but you still should have threw her off of you if you didnt want anything to happen between you and your wife and if you loved her you would have thrown that h__y b___h off of you and yes it is probly yours!!!!!!!!!


Suzy - February 12

This is completely your fault. You are a grown adult with children and you should've thought about your kids before you decided to have s_x with another married woman. If she is pregnant with your child, you need to tell your wife and then probably get some counseling.


kim - February 12

It takes two people stop blaming eveything on her.. you shose to sleep with her now you have to suffer the consequences


anon - February 17

news flash to all of you women....every man would cheat in that situation. even yours... men dont think or feel the way women do



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