I Havent Had Sex But I Think Im Pregnant

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Anonymous - July 27

Hi. Well okay here it goes. I live in Michigan, and my friends and I went to visit some of our friends about an hour away. Well I got a little drunk, but i remember everything that happened from that night. I did something with a guy, but not for long at all, and I am almost positive i didnt have s_x. I cant fit a tampon in, so I would know if I had s_x or not bc i know it would hurt and id rememebrs omething like that if i remember everything else. Well i asked the guy if he came at all, and he said no. For some reason my mind is making up things. I had my period and my period always lasts for about 2 or 3 days, and thats exactly what it did. I dont have any signs, my br___ts feel fine, i havent felt sick, i have gotten hot sometimes, but it hink that is bc we havent had the air on in our house and its been about 87. I have been tired, but thats because i have been going to a dancing camp for 8 hours where we dance all day. I eat a lot, but i always have, so thats not different. I took a preg. test and it came out negative. Do you think my mind is just making up things? I have noticed littlet hings like on Tv about pregnancy and i always see pregnant women now, but do you think its just getting to me? thanks!


felicia - July 10

your mind could totally be doing it to you. i have done the same thing, where i havent done anything that could have gotten me pregnant, but theres always that chance ya know? i made myself miss a period cuz i got so stressed over something that couldnt have possibly gotten me pregnant.anyway. for real results, get a blood test from your doctor, or clal planned parenthood at 1800230 plan, and they will give you a free and confidential one. and just a few pointers. you can still have your period if youre pregnant, sometimes it takes longer for women to get the signs of pregnancy than others,and just cuz a guy doesnt ejaculate at the end with you, doesnt mean theres no chance of pregnancy. theres something called prec_m that has more than enuff sperm to get you pregnant, so always use protection..please!!!!!


stiffler - July 23

doesn't sound like you have much of a mind to trick so good luck go get trashed and do something else that you can blame on alchohol. Oh I didn't mean to steal the car I was drunk. dumb b___h.


mandy - July 27

my god, get a life. u sound like u wanna be pregnant.



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