I M A Guy Suggest Abortion To Her

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Wayne - March 2

I've been dating this girl/woman (she's 30 something, me too) for a year or so. She's divorced, me never married. She two kids from a previous marriage, me none. Kids are driving me crazy as they're not well behaved. Don't jump on me too much yet. Keep reading. Someday I hope to get married and have my own, but even later than now. Lately we just haven't been getting along, so I was just about to break up with her. Now, she just turned up pregnant, and it's very possible this is intentional on her part. Feeling a bit trapped. Now, I'm certainly not one to see abortion as a type of birth control, but, if it is already determined that our relationship wouldn't be a good one, do I bite my tongue and commit my life to this? Or do I suggest abortion, expecting a strong rebuttal? Want to do the right thing for us all. I don't want to end up being her thrid divorce! With yet another child involved!


Alena Lynn - March 2

NO. I'm sorry, but abortion is a crime. If you don't want this child, talk to her about adoption. Please. Think about this, it's unhumane.


Alena Lynn - March 2

Oh and another thing. If you were able to stick your p___s in her v____a, you're ready to be a father. Point blank.


to Wayne - March 12

Be honest with her about the way that you are feeling - by all means if you are not ready for this let her know - but at the same time understand that it is absolutely her choice and that you have to respect her decision. There is a difference between being honest with her and pressuring her. If she does decide to keep the child you need to be a father and care for that child. That doesn't mean, however, that you should marry her or stay in a romantic relationship with her if that is not right for you. My 2 cents.


ashley k - March 12

i think you should talk to her a let her know how you feel. expecially if your not getting along very well. maybe she wants another kid, and you cant make her have an abortion. if she does decide to keep it, and you two dont make it together, be a fater to this child a stay friends with her.


to wayne - March 12

hello you should tell her how you feel but also you should know that she does not have to an abortion regardless of how you feel it is her choice and if she continues with the pregnancy that is something that you will have to deal with


sm - March 22

The reason you have not been getting along is probly because of her hormones. Talk to her about the kids behavour, she may be giving to much attention to you and they are getting rowdy.


COME ON - March 23

why didnt you think about this before having s_x? NO ABORTION ITS A MURDER NO MATTER WHAT YOU TELL ME>


J - March 24

I semi-agree with the previous answers - abortion is murder. But, her intentionally getting pregnant, and trying to trap you into a relationship wtih her...that's just as big of a crime. I'd say, consult with an attorney ASAP - as far as I know, the law protects the mother, and kinda screws the father (meaning you could get stuck supporting a child you don't want) - but seriously, talk to a lawyer about it, just to CYA. And, tell her the truth, that you're not happy with her, nor are you ready to be a father.


to Wayne - April 15

I personally don't enjoy reading people's most saying that abortion is murder. IT IS NOT MURDER! I don't think it is right to pressure someone into thinking that they cannot have a choice. Wayne, if you're reading this, know that it is totally up to you weither you want to have her keep the child or not. Don't let other people lecture you about religious beliefs and personal teachings. What THEY do is their own personal choice, it isn't yours. Whatever you decide, good luck. :)


Melissa - April 19

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and to me abortion is wrong I would never do it, but when it comes to other people and their situations everyone is different. Talk it over with her that's all I can say. Good luck.


holly - May 1

i dont think u should want her to have an abortion maby sit down with her and talk this over hopefully u all can still be good friends and have a kid together yes u will probably have to pay child support but killing the baby does not make everything better. im not with the father of my baby but i still have a great life and i think my daughter loves it too she still gets to see each of us and she likes it more at christmas and all the holidays because she gets doubled on everything, but i think u should really think this threw because and abortion is killing ur baby


none - May 2

Abortion is murder! It’s unjust that we can kill a helpless child (especially when there are thousands of people waiting to adopt) and there is no punishment...at least not on earth.


Mel J - May 2

I don’t think she would go for it anyway. Once you have a baby and hold it in your arms you could never imagine your life without it. I’m 15 weeks pregnant, and just feeling this little baby growing inside me... abortion is unimaginable!


DJ - May 3

Hey- There are more than two choices here- you don't have to choose abortion OR marriage. If you don't want to be in the relationship, you aren't doing her any favors to stay. It is her choice- tell her you want to end the relationship, that you did before the pregnancy, and wait to see what she does. Good luck.


women are nuts - July 18

hey man, I'm in the same situation. Exept this woman is married with a kid. She says its the guys falt that woman get pregnant. Maybe she shouldnt have came onto me then. or maybe I should have came on her! either way were both responsible and if she wants to ruin my life thats fine but there will always be one b___h in this world that I hate. If women are so great and innocent for not getting abortions, why is this crazy a__s chick at the bars every night drinking boooze. I'll pay for it. Go ahead ruin it!


Alicia - July 25

Don't forget the option of adoption or letting her have the baby with you paying support. You do not have to commit to marriage. Don't make one mistake into two.



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