I M I Doing The Wrong Thing For Love

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bhs7654 - December 9

Hi. I'm writing here because sometimes I feel that I did the wrong thing but want to know what people think. 8 month ago I meet this awesome woman at work. I fell for her as soon as a I saw her and I could tell that she liked. Unfortunately, she was married; but I did not give up, why I should; I believe that love goes above anything else. Anyways, we fell deeply in love and 6 months ago she left the husband and came to live with me. I did not feel bad because from what I talked with her, the husband, in the recent years, did not paid proper attention to her, I was there for her and we fell deeply in love. I only felt bad for him because they have been together for 12 years. Flash forward 5 months, she started to have doubts about us and was considering going back to her husband; they have been in constant communication since the beginning of our relationship. She tells me that she misses her husband, that still loves him and thought that she might be making a mistake by staying with me. I could not bear the feeling of losing her. One night that we were having sex, and I knew that she was ovulating, I decided go for it and try to get her pregnant; I can't lose this woman, I love her so much and there could not be anything better than raising a child with her. Fast forward 3 weeks she told me that she was going back to her husband. Luckily for me, 1 week later, she found out that she was pregnant. It made me the happiest person on earth, she will be attached to me forever, but she is thinking about abortion. When she mention that word I was devastated, why in earth you want to have an abortion, we can be happy and I think she should divorce the husband and stay with me to raise the child together; I believe love is more important than any papers. Also, I feel that life is unfair, the husband is a successful businessman and I think that the reason she wants to get back with him. I never had the chance to work anything better than a part time, life has been too hard for me, I never had the support I needed. Am I wrong feeling like this?


Grandpa Viv - December 12

I'm sorry you have not yet reached your full potential. Your actions have been less than honorable. Love is indeed important, and her love for her husband should prevail. Let her salvage her life the best way she can while you work to make more of your own life and in due course find a woman of your own.



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