I Need Sex

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holly - September 28

I really want to get pregnant! I'm a cheerleader, and 13 but need a baby. LIves in Ashe County NC.


kat - September 28

ur not ready. sterilization is the way to go for you.


The answer is....... - September 28

Look here hon.......at 13 a baby is the last thing you need. Your body is still growing at 13. Have you given any serious thought about caring for a baby.......at 13. Come on........you can't even drive legally when you need to take the baby to the doc or go to the supermarket. At 13 you should be playing with Barbie.


m - September 29

get a vibrator you will like it better and it is more satasifying than a man anyway and it does not cause you to have something that screams half the night and keeps you up


t - September 29

Oh grow up....actually no thats the wrong thing to say, yuo dont need to grow up thats more to the point. Your just a child. Dont you have any dreams and ambitions?? Dont you want a good career, lots of money, holidays, cars, shopping trips with the girls?? You've got some of the best years of your life to look forward to, dont spoil it by tying yourself down with a baby so young! Plus when you do have ab aby wouldn't you want it to come from a loving relationship, rather than any bloke cause you were so desperate to get up the duff!!!!!! Hope I'm not talking too much sens for ya!


mudda - September 30

my name is mudda and iam 16 years old my boyfriend is 19 and we had messed up and i got pregnant but than i missedcarraged i felt so bad like my life was over but then my boyfriend told me even though that was apart of us you have your hole life infront of you and iam telling you you have your hole life infront of you dont have a baby yet you can wate


think honey - October 12

No baby... you don't need one. I'm almost 20 and I'm not ready for one. Think honey. you're 13. Like they said, you can't even drive. You don't even have our learners. Crazy...


name - October 12

Babies born to mothers that young are more at risk to have health problems. I am 18, my body is WAY more developped than yours. I am pg and I see a nutritionist regularly because my body still needs more vitamins and nutrition than older women because it is still growing too.Wait till your body is ready for all the physical demands of a baby,Also for when you can financially support a child and are able to give it the best life possible. Wait for a committed relationship if possible. A father figure is really important in a babys life, but not a nessecity


not saying - December 9

ur a twat do know what a baby could do to u at ur age, u will never have a good teenage life u'll have to stay in and look after ur baby when all ur mates go and get p__sed down the pub, dont be stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Medic - December 23

You've got to be kidding.....


Kris - December 27

You need a life! What kind of stupid girl wants a baby when she is still a baby?? My suggestion: go get a cabbage patch doll you loser!


to holly - December 30

Trust me at your age you dont want to have a baby you should go to school first then plan on having a baby. Plus it cost alot more then it used to to raise a baby plus hun your still young. why not wait?


kim - December 31

to holly LITTLE GIRL get a life


yayaya - December 31



dante - January 14

ill help you send mu an email to [email protected] laterrrrr


For Holly - January 16

Grow up Holly. This is a joke. Nobody can be that stupid. No little girl at 13 wants a baby to look after because she's a baby herself.


jade - January 17

its not bad



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