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Skyler - February 4

I'm 14 and my boyfriend is 16. I lost my virginity to him in october. We've had s_x about 4 times a month since then and have used a condom. We've had unprotected s_x a few times. I took a pregnancy test a while ago just to be sure, and i wasn't pregnant thank goodness. I want to go on birth control pills, but i need a prescription and there's noooo way i'm telling my mom that i'm having s_x. Is there any way to get the pill without having to tell my mom or another person close to me? I'm so sick of worrying about getting pregnant. I know that i should just practice abstinence, but it's easier said than done. I'm just in a bad situation here and i feel like i'm getting sucked into this relationship. I'm not prepared to deal with the consequences of s_x...and i want to go on the pill without my mom knowing...any advice would be great about now....


ohkwaho - February 4

I don't want to give you bad advice but at least your trying to be safe! if your 14 you can make an appointment with your doctor or a doctor and ask for the pill they have to keep it totaly confidentual with you so that means they are not allowed to tell your mother or anyone its called doctor patient privilage however they may tell you to talk to your mother if you want other then that they wont say a word so go see your doctor or a doctor to open a file for you or if you have an adolesent clinic near you i hope this info is helpful and trust me as long as your 14 there is no problem under 14 then they can tell your mother and if you want to know why i know this its becoz i was in the same place as you are if you get the pill just make sure your parents dont find it good luck!


Skyler - February 4

thanks...hopefully all will work out


me too, a long time ago - February 7

a planned parent hood clinic is a good plce to go, i went many, many years ago. maybe you should try to get of the shot, depo-prevera so you wont have to worry about hiding pills and it takes effect sooner than the pill.



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