I Perfer Sex Without A Condom 13

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Lara - November 16

im 13 n i perfer s_x without a condom n i dnt wanna go on da pill cos apprently it makes u put on weight is dis true? i aint scared of having s_x without a condom because i aint scared of having a baby cos i do wanna baby!


redeem - November 16

first off met me say that I don't approve of a girl as young as you having s_x in the first place. You're far too young to have a baby if you can't even type in proper english. I would most definately recommend that you go on the pill. If you do gain some weight it should be very negligable and you can lose it easily. My best friend went on the pill and she's still the thin girl I've always known.


melissa - November 16

we'll u should always u a condom no matter what and u should take a pill when u are trying to get parent and if u want a baby then u should at least wait til ur 30 like me


jill - November 21

You are 13. Don't have s_x. I know. It feels good. But don't do it.


Audrey - November 21

Lara- you are playing a dangerous game. A condom will protect you against s_xually transmitted diseases and AIDS. If you truly don't like condoms then you should go on the pill. It will not make you gain weight so long as you keep a good exercise routine. Having a baby at 13 is not a good idea either. Not only will you be unable to finish school but you will be putting yourself in danger since your body is not developed enough yet.


rebel - December 15

Having a child at 13 is a very bad idea. I got pregnant at 17 and barely graduated High School. Besides...how would you support your baby? Do you really think a guy your age is going to stick around??? I doubt it! I'm 21 now and married to the father of my baby. We still live at home and can barely afford our child. Take it from someone who knows...having a child at 13 will make your life alot harder!!


PLEASE - December 17

PLEASE DON'T GET PREGNANT. Have s_x if you want (although I don't approve of it at your age.) But go on the pill, depo shot, birth control patch..whatever, but don't get pregnant. You are FAR too young and your child doesn't deserve to come in to this world when you can't even take care of it. Trust me, your boyfriend will not be happy about you being pregnant and yur parents will be heartbroken. Wait until you have a Job and have your own place before you consider bringing a child into this world. You would only be cutting yourself and your child short. And using my tax dollars to pay for it!!!


to Lara - December 28

Learn to speak and write english and then when you have grown up and realize that whatever language you believe you are typing is in fact english come back and ask then if you should get pregnant. Personally I think you should be sterilized.


Nikki - December 28

First things first, you should be worrying about s_xually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy. Secondly, someone your age who wants a baby cannot take care of one properly on your own. Your parents will end up having to help you. You may think you want a baby but wait until you are up all night caring for one and then must get up and go to school, and probably to an evening job afterwards to help your parents provide for a child. I know this because my mother had me when she was 17. She was almost ready to graduate, but she still had a very hard time. There are alot of things you should think about besides your own desires. Having a child takes time, energy and money; and if you want to go out with friends and date you should wait until you are able and ready to enjoy having a child. You must enjoy YOUR childhood first. Gaining a little weight from the pill is not such a bad thing and it doesn't happen to everyone who takes the pill. If you do use the pill you still need to use condoms if you are going to have s_x.


tj - January 3

Hey Lara, I'm only 16. why would you want a baby right now? how fair would that be to the baby and its father.. you have to think about it.. what could you possibly offer to a child when your only 13. They have other forms of birth control other then the pill now. They came out with this great patch that you can get and everything if you don't want to stop having s_x.. just think about what's best for everyone. take care of yourself and watch out for stds..


AIDS - January 13

HIV POSITIVE thats whats going to happen if you don't were condoms DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anon - January 13

You too young to have s_x and have a child. I waited until I was 16 to have s_x. That and if you have just even one person unprotected they can infect you with a STD and there may or may not be a cure for that so just play it safe and protect yourself because the consequences of unprotected s_x is not worth it.


rahul - January 15

its yuor wish .i think if u wear it u dont feel the nature of s_x. if i would be u iwould s_x without it


theo - February 1

dont u need a condon so u dont catch aids, but a condom stops u from having a baby, how do u have a baby without using a condom?


ummm - May 14

I'm sure this is a joke...


Pippins - May 15

yes, I'm sure this must be a joke! Little girl go home and play house with you dolls. Your mother needs to put her foot way up in your a__s! Have a nice day.


Robin - May 15

Little girl how can you read? I know can't type. And if you don't want advice from GROWN-UPS you shouldn't have you little girls a__s on this sight.



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