I Want To Have Another Baby But My Husband Does Not

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dbmisty - January 24

I have a two half year old son now.Few days ago my husband and I thought I was going to have another one but then my period came (kind of) that another story might be pregnant right now cause same thing happened when I found out about my son. Anyways.When it came he was so happy he doesn't want any more baby's. He says one we have is enough I want my son to have someone grow up with and I miss having a baby around. My son does a lot on his own now. I want try for a little girl then I be happy. I love my son but I want one more. If I had a another little boy I be happy to...but I just have that a to pull have another one. Been for a while like this now. Now my husband found out his sister having another one and has a hard time with her first. So he think with her having another one my son get no attion cause his grandma only give so much now cause she always talking about or with her other grand kid. My family far ways from us now they were living with us first time. Wish there ways show him it be ok Like I said he has a sister..He wishes he was a only child so that's why he says for one reason he does not want another. Before we got married he always said he really didn't want kids but we were 18 so I thought he just scared and saying things. When I got pregnant with my son I was on the pill and had my period so we were surprised when we found out but he was very happy. So I think he be happy with another. He also says we don't have the money now. But he thinks we don't have the money for the child we have now. We get by just find I do all money so he doesn't really know what he is talking about with the money. I can wait but I don't want go more then eight months I want children be close in age. Three years going be gap as it is.


tangi - February 7

its hard when your spouse doesn't want more kids. but if its meant to be it will be.



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