Im 14 And I Think I Am Pregnant

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Kaite - September 11

i had protected s_x 1 week ago and i dont have any signs of it and im not getting fatter or anything i just feel like i am pregnant am i?


Tanna - May 3

Im 14 too and I also think im Pregnant but the thing you need to do is just get a pg test and that will anwser all of your questions! im going to do the same GOOD LUCK - Tanna C. From Texas


Tanna - May 3

If you keep telling yourself that your pregnant then you will try to make yourself belive it. But to be on the safe side do as i said a min. ago just go tell one of your good friends to by you a test


poobum - May 25

you are pregnant


cherry - May 25

then perhaps you're no.but it usually takes 2or3days b4 you can know for sure.


Shelly - May 27

Are you late for your period? If you're not yet the home test won't work. If you want to know for sure quickly, have a blood test done at your doctor's office or a clinic. Blood tests can tell if you're pregnant before you miss a period. Talk to an adult you trust. Now is a time that you need some loving support. The sooner you know if you're pregnant or not, the more options you have.


jaye - May 30

you may or may not be. i think you need a pregnancy test done at the doctors....someone please tell me how you can tell after just one week after having s_x?


Lil Bit - May 30

Hey I am 16 and I am pregnant I recommend taking a home pg test but go to the doctor and take a blood test my home test was negative.


jaye - May 31

hey Lil Bit, aren't you really scared? i'm scared just to find out...even though im sortof hoping it will be positive. how early can you get the blood test done?


Tiffany - June 6

hey im 16 and i had s_x 2 weeks ago..he didnt c_m or anything and there were no holes in teh 4 days late and i can't help feelin glike im pregnant even tho i don tthink i could possibly be..? help?


Kacie - June 8

Hey I am 14 and pregnant too. I got a pregnancy test and found out one of the home ones. I got my boy friend to get it try that . Good Luck.


Rachel - June 9

Im 14 too and just the other week i had unprotected s_x and he came..inside me!..I am completely freaking because my period is a few days late.I know u are prolly scared but the best advice i can give u is not to panic.Think about it.Sometimes you need more than just a gut feeling to know if U r or not.Hope everything works out well for u.


celeste - June 9

if you had protected s_x, chances are you are not pregnant. Did the condom break,Rip or anything?


felicia - June 9

what anyone needs to do instead of asking these questions, is go out and buy a test, get a dna test, or go to planned parenthood and they will give you a free and confidential one. call them at 1800230plan..good luck


Frank - June 10

i wanna know can u get a girl pregnant if u pre came in her? im not ready 2 become a father and she isnt ready 2 become a mother can some1 please help me and tell me what we should do?


CHELSEY - June 12

im 14 an im 2 months late for my period i feel like im gettin fat an i dont feel like eatin how do i find out if i am an i protected s_x in april.


chelsey im 14 and i think im pregnant - June 12

i had protected s_x in april and i dont have any signs of my period and it feels like im gettin fatter i just feel like im pregnant am i?



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