Im 16 And I Made A Big Mistake

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Chanel - April 30

ok, Im 16 yrs old as of april 4th. and i have a slight idea of how this ovulation stuff works. my last period was sunday the 17th of april. i then had unprotected s_x w/ my boyfreind on the 28th. when i figure dit out i came to find out that im spossed to ovulate on the 30th. i have no job and no license to go to a planned parent hood place for the day after pill and so im just winging it. im really really worried and i need a couple questions answered. 1. if i had a "fever" and mucus in my underwear the day after i had s_x did i ovulate? and does it mean im not pregnat? 2. how soon after s_x can you take a pregnacy test to see if you are pregnat (i can't wait till my next period... i need to know asap) 3. how do i explain all this ovulation and pregnacy stuff to my boyfreind with out feeling akward or making him feel way out of place? Please if any of you can answer my questions email the answers to my email @ i check my emails almost every hour of the day so feel free to send when ever. thank you all so much good luck for you trying to get pregnat. and a fair warning to all you teens not ready for a child... DO NOT HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIGE. you will regret it in the long run, and you could put yourself in jepordy of an std. i know myself that i will never do it again. all this stress and fear has given me a fair warning of what could happen.


love7 - April 30

please DO NOT "wing it" that will be a mistake you will regret if you end up pregnant. Do any of your friends drive? If not i would try to find a responsible adult that you cant alk to about this so you can get the transportation you need.think about this, if you end up pregnant , do you think your parents would think you were more mature by not acting on your mistake and letting it affect the rest of your life, or do you think they'd rather see you come clean with it, get the help you need, learn from it, and never make the mistake again? I believe the latter route would show maturity, and your respect for your own life as well as your family's. Please so this very very soon. the morning after pill only works for the first 5 days after s_x, and is the most effective in the first three. After that, the effectiveness is greatly reduced. Good luck, and God bless...remember, God forgives, and ig your parents are christians or if they just love you, they will forgive you too. That's what comes with being a daughter in a good home, unconditional love. please reply back so we know how things go for you or if you need any help.


Chyna - May 1 (I'm sure you understand what that means but what I don't understand is why would you use that as your e-mail address you may need to be more concerned with that issue and not what could or could not be in you stomack) you seem to be very mature and also smart at the age of 16 I knew nothing about ovulating I also wasn't having answer your questions as far as the fever and mucus I wouldn't know I discharge daily. I would say at the most 2 week's but you can get a positive result 3days from the day of conceptions. as far as your bf goes tell him just the way it was told to you or give him a visual display from books or this website. what ever you do I'm sure you'll make the right decission. may GOD bless you


Chyna - May 1

sorry typo (stomach)


Jean - May 9

i am also 16, Last month i found out that i was pregnat. i was on the patch. I thought i was for a long time but didnt want to admit it.i mean my boyfriend is 16 also.i cried and cried for the longest time.i had a period for 2 days in december and havent had one since i am now 5 months pregnat.



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