Im Only 14 And Im Pregnate

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unknown - October 6

I want to know if my parents can make me give it up from adoption even if im willing to spend all my time and effort to keep it because me and my boyfriend want to keep the baby


a - October 11

Maybe adoption is you the best way to go.. They do have open adoptions in all the 50 states and you can then still see your child but you can also finish school and well to be blunt have a life.


k - October 11

If you want to keep the baby you need to make sure you have a good support system and a way to support the baby.


Lisa - October 23

When i was 15 i got pregnant and my dad supported me i thought he would throw me out in the street! I'm now 29 and my son Derek is the greatest 15 year old in the world -i also met a wonderful guy when my son was only two months old and we married 5 years later, we've married for 8 years now ---- so don't let any idiot tell you you can't do it, BUT do whats best for that baby !!


Jodie - October 23

Yes your parents can make you do what ever they want because you are only 14 . 18 is the legal age. Thia response is for "pop goes the weasle" ,you are so rude! Shes only 14,how dare you. She came for our support. Please donot tell her to get a abortion. Thats the easy way out. There are so many people out there who cannot have kids that would love to adopt that child. Get a life!!!!


why? - November 9

im 18 years old and im not ready to have a child. you are only 14 i certainly think you should should have it because its your responsibility to your actions. Just one question, why where you having s_x in the first place????


Elizabith - November 10

Hey I'm 19yaers old and i think that u should do what u want with ur baby!It is your desision if u want to have ur baby or not it is not ur parents desision!Well that is my opinion!Good Luck!


Nancy - November 11

First of all abortion is murder so why not give the baby up for adoption if keeping it is not an option


jill - November 12

Don't abort the baby, Please research and see what you would be aborting. There are so many families that would love to adopt a baby. can you talk to your parents? There is support out there.


Jill - November 12


E - November 12

It is not anyones responsibility to have their baby just so it can be adopted to sterile couples!! Abort if you so choose, adopt your baby IF YOU WANT, or keep your baby if you are emotionally & financially secure. You are not obligated and should not be made to feel obligated to give birth to your baby for the benefit if anyone else. I plan to adopt one day but would not dare tell another woman she should have her baby so I can raise it for her.


Jill - November 13

I guess the abortion debate will go on forever. It has been my experience that many young girls who become pregnant are uninformed about abortion. I feel as a society we have been brain washed into acceptability. Women deserve better than abortion.


Jennifer - November 18

Your not the only one there hun. I'm 14 but me and my boyfriend are going to hopefully have a baby when i'm 15 or 16 and he'll be 17 or 18. I know it sounds crazy. But my advise for you is do what you think is right. If you want to keep it, keep it. It's your decision not your parents or anyone elses but yours. If you know you can take care of it, and you want it, keep it!


a girl - November 20

if u want the baby,feel u can take care of it,and feel u can love and support the baby keep and dont let enyone put u down for being a young and pregnate cuase some one out there will think your a ho but ya keep yo child cuase she's yo's and u r going through changes to have her!not yo parents!


Audrey - November 21

To unknown- Unfortunately your parents could make you give up your baby because you are under 18. You need to seriously think about your options. If you keep the baby, how will you finish school? Do you or your boyfriend have a job? Do his parents know and would they be willing to help you? There's a lot to think about.


Sarah - November 25

Your parents can make you give up the baby, its their right as adaults, the rights you cannot recieve until your 18. They might alow you to keep the child though, and with their help you might be able to raise it. Although you should keep in mind that having this baby will take a toll on your education. Im guessing you will eventually have to drop out of school to raise it, no matter how much support your parents give you, and so you will be relying on your parents money for a long, LONG time. Also it is possible that you want to keep the baby to hold on to your boyfriend, thats the worst thing you can do. Think about the child. My advice: adoption. My best friend is adopted and she has met her birthmom and realized that she is much better of raised by her adoptive parents. They gave her the stable life and money and help that she wouldnt have recieved from her 16 year old mother. Think of the child first, yourself last.


jessy helen - November 26

i think for your own benifit as well as the babys that you should think about adoption. Look you may be up for looking after the baby but you have no money or anything! x



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