Im Only 14 And Im Pregnate

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C - October 7

I'm 14 too and pregnate i think that if u and your boyfriend want to keep the baby then thats your choice


- - October 7

No they cant, i just turned 15 and im pregnant. How old is your boyfriend?


Renee - October 9

No they can not make you give it up. Im not sure what laws abide in the state you live but i live in florida and once you are pregnant you are considered an adult on most cases. in your phone book you can call the hotline for teen help.


louise - October 9

well i think its your choice but you still r living with your parents and you are still under age its a big step to being a mother i was pregnate at the age of 16 and i never was able to experience my teen age life i was always at home im not regreting it but im juyst saying its hard 6to except a baby at that age takes alot of time and love to car for a baby


jonna - October 12

don't give your baby up for adoption if you and your boyfriend want to keep it. If you really want the baby please keep it because I would. You can raise the baby and keep it, you can get a job same as your boyfriend, and get a family member thats going to be willing to help you and keep your child while you are at work. You and your boyfriend can move in together and raise the baby. Thank you


Stephenie - October 12

I dont want to keep my baby im scared about my mom buggin out on me


Laura - October 13

You girls are so young u want babies and do u actually know what its gonna take to raise a child i am 19 im almost 20 and im 7 months pregnant and i have every thing for my child but i dont think this is going to be eazy at all...I think you young girls need to have time to grow up first before starting to have babies...Its hard not eazy as you girls think.Think about it first...


Angela - October 13

ok first of all who are these people telling you what to do with your life, your baby and body? think about that for one second of all i will tell you i was only 17 when i had my first child she is now 4 and is the best thing that ever happened to me it was hard to raise her but it is all worth it, when i was 19 i got pregnant and had an abortion yes you all read that right an abortion i had one child to think about already and she was here right in frount of me and i had to think of what was right for her and how having another baby would take away from the one i already had it was my decition and trust me not an easy one but i am happy with it and i am the one who had to live with it i didn't believe in abortion either thats why i had the first child but i was put in the position where i felt that was my only choice, anyway i am now 22 and am pregnant again 8 months actually and although i have gone through all of this i have graduated school gone to college and have an amazing good paying job that allows me to take care of myself and my children its not impossiable to secceed its hard but it can be done so any young girls who read this please go with your heart and do what YOU think is right for you !!!!! and to all the people on here who ae judging young mothers and saying dont do this or do this these young girls are going to listen to what people think dont tell them what they Should do tell them what they CAN do tell them about their options and that means all of them - good luck girls and remember you are the one who has to live with whatever choice you make make sure its the right one for you and your baby not for anyone else


Kelsey - October 15

i would personaly keep the baby, because i would want that unconditional love and i wouldn't pa__s that up for the world


firebird - October 17

dey shud let u keep it, ur old enuf to no wot u hav dun, so u shud liv wit it, if u nd ur boyfrend want 2 keep it, then do so


Tiffany - October 20

No they shouldn't be able to


Jenell - October 20

I am 24 years old and 27 weeks pregnant with my first and scared out of my mind so I can't imagine what you are going through. We all make mistakes, but there are people who can help make things easier. Crisis pregnancy centers are great. The offer free services and advice. Whatever you decided, there are churches and organizations out there to help. You are not alone. God can forgive and heal you and give you the strength you need to get through this and be confident that you are making the right choice. You are not alone. I will pray for you.


CAITLIN - October 20



lanie - October 27



lanie - October 27

i think ur the only onethat can make the choice but if u keep the baby then were are u going to live cause ur parents will probly kick u u out and ur bf parents probly dont want to here the baby crying at night .so were r u goin to stay.u need to finish school and get a high paying job to take care of u ,ur baby,and ur boyfriend k so i would take the adoption rought k ok u still get to visit the baby.


Bukk (Rogers) - October 27

HahahaHhahahhaahahahahaahahahhahahaha haaaaaaa. 14 and pregnant. Priceless.



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