Im Only 14 And Im Pregnate

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Heather - December 1

I don't think you should let anyone tell you what to do, but you should at least listen to what those who care about you have to say. Remember that they have your best interest at heart, just as you should have your baby's best interest at heart. If you and your boyfriend are ready for the responsibility that comes with a baby, I wish you all the luck in the world. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Good Luck with everything!!!!


misty - December 3

I could be wronge b/c i live in georgia but here No your parents can not make you give your baby up for adoption if you get married.


ash - December 8

i think that you should NOT ABORT your baby will be a living thing think about it it is so wrong!!! it should not even be a thought in anyones mind to do something like that i would not abort by baby im only 14!!!! If anything put it up for adoption if you dont want it but your the one who had s_x so you should have to have it! thats jus how i look at it!! but jus think bout it


Cara - December 12

No your parents can't make you put that baby up for adoption. its all gonna be oaky!


shylowebelle - December 13

I had my first baby weeks after I turned seventeen, my mother convinced me that I couldn't be a good mother. She took my son and raised him, I have no legal standing now and she will never let him come live with me. I am married and have two children and one on the way, I have a happy life now. My only regret is this, if my son would have been adopted I would not have to feel all the shame and guilt I do now every time I see my son. I think it would have been the best thing I could have done, if all else fails and you are not ready to be a parent pick you baby a good family. You'll always know that he is loved. I wasn't ready at 17, I don't know how you could be at 14.


unkown - December 18

hey im 13 a i am pregnant also and and we want to keep it i have been with him since the 2 grade or 6 years and im scared but i am willing to keep it cus i dont believe in abortion and i cant give away my own flesh and blood


Brittany - December 18

You really need to think about what u are doing you are only 14 years old and your mom has to take full custody over the baby because you are under 18 years old so i would talk this over with her. Your only 14 think about your life.....


Charlotte - December 18

I was 16 when i got pregnant and I had just finished year 13 when i got pregnant so that was ok but i had a hard time looking for a job and prepare for when the baby arrived my mum and dad supported my decision to keep the baby at the beginning of my 9th month my boy friend left eo found us some were to live and he found me a job half time at a supermarket and just as he left my water broke and the conntration wer mild for a few seconds then started to get stong my mum was there with me and my husband got some towel while my mum rang the midwife who lives next door and she came and i had the urge to push and ater a while the twins were born and after that it was hard work from there waking up in the night, Lots of crying, Very early mornings and lots other thing. Some time i regreted not giving my baby up for adoption. Are you ready for waking up in the night, Lots of crying, Very early mornings and not much sleep? How Many months and weeks are you? Why do you want to keep the Baby? You will get another chance when you are older. Labor is hard work. Are You still at School? Do You have a Good Job? How Will You Support the baby? So since you are 14 I think you should go for the adoption option.


dfsag - December 21

if my sister is 15 and pregnate will they take they baby away from her


n/a - December 23

if this is what your heart desires, then i think you should keep the baby. if you know that you cannot handle the stress, then i advise for adoption or another method of caring for the infant. you need to take into concideration that you are still concidered a minor. good luck and i give you my best!


RH - January 18

What happens if your parents are makeing you get an aborshon?


ze - January 19



Melissa - January 19

wow! intersting..i thought i was the only one around here that's 16 and pregnant now i dont feel so a lone! i havent told my parents but reguardless it's going to happen...i'm keeping my baby cause their little ones that god sent and only the bless ones is able to have kids my boyfriend dont know about this and i'm going to keep it that way so do what really matters to you your young and brainless like all the rest of us ( you cant lie, we all are) so to the little one that's 14 tell your parents it's yours you work hard for that labor you kept it for 9 months and your ready to get on welfare hahaha j/k but it's tru....


KyGirl - January 20

Im 16 and i live in kentucky... Im pregnant and my bf is 19..Can my parents stop my from keeping my baby?..Can i move out now.. my bf has his own place and thinks i should live with him.


Nyasia - January 20

hi my name is nyasia and i just wanted to tell u that u are not alone because im just 13 and im haveing twins and every one is telling me that these babies are going to kill me but i know what best for me and my 2 girls and my real mother left me when i was 5months and it was just me and my dad and he couldn't take care of me so he left me with a neighbor and growing up with them was hard because all of them were using drugs and sleeping with each other and its just was hard and so when i was 11 years old i had a boy friend and i sleept with him and since that i loved s_x and so thats why im having these babies now and i u ever want to talk then sed me a email @ [email protected] ok bye!


alexa lloyd - January 26

no they can not cause my dad tried to make me give it up and i asked a doctor and he said that it is my choice.Even though im 14 i know i made a good choice



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