Im Only 14 And Im Pregnate

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jessy helen - November 26

i think for your own benifit as well as the babys that you should think about adoption. Look you may be up for looking after the baby but you have no money or anything! x


momof5first - November 26

i had my son at 15 but my parents supported me and it was still hard i would recommend an open adoption where you still know your child the other adoption is not for you


tamara - November 29

can your mom make you get an abortion if your underage or give it up for adoption without your consent?


renee - December 1

no they can not and i'm telling u because my parents tried doing it to me!!! the law said if me and my boyfriend were willing to take care of it then you can keep the baby good luck


Katie - December 4

Please think of your baby and what you can provide for it. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in May and it has been one of the hardest things I have ever been through (I don't know what it will be like when the baby is here). We are both 24 and both have full time jobs. I still wonder if we can provide everything a baby will need. There are many couples out there wanting a baby. Look into an open adoption. Best of luck in making the right decision for your baby.


KristinaNo - December 8

I know your only 14 and yes that is too young to have a baby, but my mom was pregnat with me when she was 14 and had me when she was 15 years old. Become a good mother! I wish you the best of luck and its your decision not your parents. Im not the abortion or adoption type, i am almost 22, I had my son when i was 20 pregnant with him when i was 19 and now im trying for my 2nd. You are blessed, congrats!!!!!!!!!1


rachel - December 9

hi im aimee i am 14 and just 11 months ago i was in exactly the same position!! me and my boyfriend thought it would be great to have s_x...exciting until 2 months later i skipped a period...i didnt think much of it i wasn't usually bang on the date anyway. another month came and went and i started to become worried i told my boyfriend darren and he got me a test i took it and yes i was pregnant i couldnt believe it!!!! i told my parents and they went mad but finally vcame round to the idea...i kept the baby my boyfriend said he wanted it to but just 3 days after she was born he was gone and to this day we have never seen him. i had a little girl and called her emma-leigh she is nearly 2 months old and as far as im concerned i would'nt change my mind about emma even if i had the choice.......all i keep telling myself is its darren who is missing out not me!!


Tabbatha - December 10

No your parents can not make you give the baby up for adoption. There is alot of help out there you can get without your parents help. I suggest though whatever you decide do not and i do not care how old you are, dont get an abortion!


candice - December 11

im 15 yrs old and my baby is due in days i am so excited and relived i told my parents they have helped me alot i know i am gonna be a gud mom no matter wot. age doesnt matter just think carefully about ur decision because u can also lose alot as i have come to learn good luck tho :-) xxx


! - December 11

I got pregnant when I was 16 years old, and it's hard. You should really think about your choices. before it gets too late....


H.S. - December 12

Fourteen is a very young age to become a mom and it sounds like you will not be getting the support from home that you need. Are you wanting to keep the baby because you need someone to love you or you need something to love? Think hard about your decision but abortion should not be a choice. There are so many parents out there who want a baby-but the final decision on what you do is yours. One more thing- are you really ready to spend all your time and effort to raise a baby? I hope and pray you make the right decision and wish I could help you more.....


Samantha - December 17

how do i tell my mom that i am pregnate? please help


Leah - December 23

hey im only 15 years old & im pregnant but me & my boyfriend want the baby also & my boyfriends dad use to abuse him so he wanted to get out the house so a baby & marriage were the best for him so i am now pregnant.i dont think you should put it up for adoption its yalls baby,love it forever. thats what im gonna do but if you wanna talk heres my email [email protected] hope to hear from you! *~Leah~*


Katrina - December 27

Hi i am 13 yrs old and i am preggo with twins and my mom cant make me give it up because i chose to keep it and the police said so!


shay - December 29

Can't no one make you do anything. my Mom tryed and it was my chose. so you make that chose.


Denise - December 29

by you being so young and not old enough your parents will have to make the choice do matter how much time you are willing to spend with the baby.



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