Im Only 17 Confused Amp Amp Need Advice HELP

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coke78 - December 13

okay well im only 17 years old. me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 2 years and we started off having protected s_x, then we stoped using on the pill though. he has told me a few times that he came in me a little..but i never became pregnant. this last weekend though we had s_x constantly and he came inside me everytime and i forgot my pills at home so i didnt take them that weekend..i started feeling different like i was having some kind of symptoms and thought i could of been pregnant then i took a home test and it was a few days after we had s_x again and i didnt take my pill that day either (stupid!) and once again he came inside me..the next day i started my period but it only lasted for like 3 days and wasnt that heavy. hes been talkin about havin a baby with me and wants us to get a place sometime this month but my parents would kill could i still be pregnant eventhough i had a light period?? or what do yall thinks happening?? im so scared and confused..because if i aint pregnant then i kind of have a feeling that something could be wrong with me causing me not to have kids because if hes done it that many times in me and i havent got pregnant yet (which i dont wanna be) then..well..idk..i want kids one day.. i just need some advice


stacyk3107 - December 15

You need to take a test and see the doctor. Many things can keep you from getting pregnant. I had unprotected s_x for along time and never got pregnant (VERY WRONG). But then I got pregnant while I was taking birth control. You have plenty of years to have babies, just be responsible now and keep taking your pills. Regardless of how mature you are, 17 is too young to have a baby. There is so much in life that you deserve to experience prior to having a baby. Best wishes to you!


coke78 - December 18

thank you!!


kbriggs24 - January 6

You are going to survive either way, however start being really smart now. You do not want a baby right now. If you are not pregnant, then count your blessings that you can do it right in the future. you have a chance to be smart here, and you need to take it. Make sure you are using protection, both the pill and a condom. Dont get pregnant!!! either way you need to see a doctor to find out if you are, and if not, be happy, and know that it is probly normal this issue with your light period, and maybe indicates how you were spratically taking your pills. your doctor will probly confirm this. good luck honey.


kbriggs24 - January 6

also, dont underestimate your parents. I am sure that if you are pregnant, they are NOT going to be thrilled(and for good reason) but they will support you. Many teens underestimate their parents reactions to this news(they are almost always wrong) My best friend got pregnant at 13 and we did not tell her parents, because we thought they would literally kill her or throw her out(they did not) and even though this was going to be one of the hardest experiences of their lives, they all got thru it, and life goes one. Whatever happens you can handle it, and you will have supportive people around to a__sist you. *do not take this as too much encouragement, if you are not pregnant, than you need to stay that way for at least the next couple of years. get married, and enjoy that aspect of life, and dont bring a child into it until you have had some fun together, just the two of you. you have plenty of time for a baby. best wishes....let us know how it all goes.



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