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HELP im only 18 - January 26

Okay me and my boyfriend had s_x on Januray 2, 08. It was my first time, not his. We had s_x at least five times in two days and not one time did we use protection. He pulled out.. I know I am stupid for it. Now I am one week late and I have most of the symptons of being pregnant. all but the sore and tender brest. Do you think I am pregnant or could it be that I just missed because of stress about it and that cause me to have some of the symptons. Please help me I am freaking out right now. We live 7 hours apart. That dont have anything to do with it, except if I am one of us has to move and I just need to know what to do.


foxyladyliz - January 27

it really depends on when you normally get your period. If you had s_x 1 - 2 weeks after your period ended, chances are you are not. If it was 3 - 4 weeks after it ended, that is the prime time for conception. Stress and other factors (like believing you are) could cause symptoms you described, but I personally didn't have any irregularity after my first time. Best thing I would recommend is taking a Home test


Jessica_Lynn - January 29

Ok first off calm down lol im 7 months prego and 18 also. But this is what u should do go and get the first response prego test then talk about gettin an appt. well if it comes back + dont do what im doin and still have no place for me and my baby to live is he at least supportive of you? and you do know that pre-nut is like way more potant then the actual c_m right? But i wouldnt tell your rents until u know for sure! And you might not be bc i remember one time i got so freaked out bc i was a like 2 days late and that just pushed it back further socalm down and go get a test stress will only make it worse for both(u and if your prego) the best time well its not really a good thing but the best time to misscarrige is in your first 3months so calm down and get that test


HELP im only 18 - January 30

I have taken two pregnancy test they both came back negative, but I called the pregnancy hotline and they said that since I used the digital ones that there is a very high chance that they are wrong. I am now two weeks late and still have all the symptons. I have told him that I was for sure not, I don't know how he will handle it if he finds out I am. He said he would take care of me and the baby, but I just recently broke up with him because I am so scared. I haven't even told my parents. Yet. DO yall think that maybe the pregnancy test were wrong? Please help me.



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