Implantation Blleding Missed Period And Negative HPT

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Italian_nikki86 - June 14

I'm looking for anyone with a similar experience. At 8 dpo (a week before my period) I experienced implantation bleeding (only last a couple of days, light brown, only when I wiped, not even a panty liner) and the cramping to go with it. I have been tracking my periods for years and I am always on a very regular 28 day cycle. The day of my expected period, I had a very bloated and dull aching pain across my lower abdomen that felt like a pulling sensation as opposed to the sharp cramps you get with your period.Well, 3 days after my missed period, I took a hpt and it was negative. I took another one a week after my missed period, negative. I am 15 days late and experiencing a few things...nothing mjor. The first thing I noticed was the excess saliva in my mouth and frequent urination (i've been a lot more thirsty though). Only my left br___t hurts, but its so bad that i hate to use my left arm to pick anything up because when the muscle in my br___t is used, its killer pain!! I'm having A LOT of gas, it seems like water gives me gas, lol. I do notice an increase in apet_te, simply b/c I NEVER used to be a breakfast person, well, I wake up and head straight to the kitchen for food. Sometimes I have twinges near my ovaries that last for a second and its gone. These past couple of days, I have been very light headed when I stand up, often needing to hold something until it passes. I don't why I can't get a positive. I'm not stressed out or anything, my days are very relaxing and laid back. I just can't fathom why I would have implantation bleeding, a missed period, some symptoms, but still a negative hpt!!! Please, has anyone have experienced this (particularly the implatation bleeding) and still pregnant and when did you FINALLY get your big fat positive??? Oh..I haven't lost/gained any weight, started any new medications, I have a very healthy diet, and I haven't JUST started doing serious working other words, theres nothing that I have been doing thats different to bring this on. Please, I feel like I'm crazy! I was so sure at the beginning, I even broke the news to my family I was so sure, but now 15 late and all neg hpt's , I don't know WHAT to think!!



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