Intercourse Scaring Anyone Else

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Ann - June 19

I am prego with 4th child and am still worried that everytime my husband and I have s_x that something will go wrong. I know you pretty much cannot hurt the child but I still worry that we will squish it or something.... silly I know, we had s_x through all the other pregnancies and they were fine, I do not know why I am so paranoid about this one.


Amy - June 19

ANN YES i feel the same way i'm pg #4 to and i worry so much about somthing going wrong so i'm trying not to but i know thats not right but i'm a little a___l to because i m/c in may


Jbear - June 20

I'm pregnant for the second time, and my husband and I have given up on s_x for now...I had some spotting after s_x a couple of weeks ago, and some intense pain during...I can't figure it out, because during my first pregnancy we were at it like a pair of h__y teenagers, and now we're about ready to swap our queen bed for a pair of twin beds. Also, this baby pushes back whenever anyone pushes on my belly, and it freaked my husband out to get kicked in the act. So I guess it's not that we're afraid anything will happen to the baby, we're just not comfy anymore.


Ann - June 20

Do you think our husbands would understand if we told them our concerns and asked that we not have s_x for a while??? Mine would but he wouldn't be too excited about the idea :) I guess I go on doing it and pray nothing happens.!


Jbear - June 21

My husband wasn't that excited about giving up on s_x...until I pointed out that giving him b__w jobs was definitely safe during pregnancy.


Ann - June 21

Unfortunately, I cannot do that very well without being in pain either cause I have severe TMJ problems.. I guess he and I are just out of luck...:(


Jbear - June 21

There's got to be something you can do together...maybe go and buy some vibrating toys and try them out on each other? My husband and I came up with all sorts of wild stuff to do during my first pregnancy.


Ann - June 21

Oh! we have lots of toys to use, afterall, we have been married for 12 years and together for 19, we have to do something to keep it interesting!! So I guess hand jobs are gonna have to do! I have still been so tired that nothing sounds great right now except a quickie for him!



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