Intimate Question For The Pregnant Ladies

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Lavender - February 7

I have not been interested in having s_x w/ dh during my pregnancy. We have had s_x a couple of times in the last 6 months, but that's it. I get excited sometimes when I alone and m____ee when no one is around. Havin s_x during pregnancy is uncomfortable for me and hurts a little. Does anyone else do this?


little_snowball - February 11

i never masturbated but i did lose interest in s_x. i hurt a lot when we did do it, so i kind of gave up. i'm sure you've heard that it's not your fault and those evil hormones take over your body; it's true. i was back to myself not too long after i had her.


Melissa30 - February 12

I have had a low s_x drive since I got pregnant, except when I am alone also. As much as I want to please my husband all I really want is to orgasm. I agree with what you said about it being uncomfortable and painful. I do try to let him use me for a quick relief at least once a week, but the only time I enjoy it is when I masturbate.So no you are not alone in this one.


kristina1980 - February 13

Same here. before I got pregnant, we used to have s_x every other day. Now, it's maybe once a week. And I don't have any pleasure from it anyway. Last time we had good s_x, we had to watch nasty movies like almost for an hour. It worked though.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 13

Well Im still having s_x alt least once or twice a day so I can't say thats me, but I will say it seems as though that I want to stop because it is getting to become painful and having to switch positions all the time is a turn off and I know I don't get into s_x because I always wonder how the baby is doing and hoping I don't effect the baby.


izdeniag - February 20

I just now got my urge back, now that I'm through my first trimester, but I do wonder. Is it bad to masturbate? Does it hurt the baby? - February 20

it is uncomfortable to have s_x during pregnancy for me because if i'm on my back, then hubby has to be care ful not to press down on my belly. and i don't really like to be on top, especially now cause i can't really move around very fast! lol and i have lost interest also, its most likely because of hormones. don't worry, this will just prep you for after the baby is born! no s_x for a while!! then after you're healed, you won't have time to have s_x!


charlie red - February 23

i no what you mean ladies, melissa30 hit the nail on the head for me all i want is an orgasm not to please my db! I have gone right of s_x since i got pregnant but the way i see it is that i feel fat i cant move around much anyway, my nipples are too sensitive to touch and he p__ses me off more often than not anyway so why would i want to?! It is rather uncomfortable and i'm sick of havin to do one position. I'm hoping it'll come back but to be quite honest right now i don't care. I'm too hormonal lol as if you couldn't tell.


squished - February 23

I have no interest in s_x either. I've explained to my dh that it's uncomfortable or I'm wondering if the baby is ok and almost every day he's asking to fool around, so I feel bad always turning him down, but GOD does he have to ask every day!!!!! I would love to tell him to calm down and let him know that he'll live if we don't have s_x all the time. You'd think that with the concerns that I've told him he would back off some, but nope.....ahhh!



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