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Mommie - October 7

Is it ok to swallow c_m while you are pregnant? I gave my man a b/job, twice i swallowed his c_m. Is that harmful for my baby. I'm nine weeks pregnant.


Jamie - October 7

No,s____n is never harmful unless he has STDS or HIV.........


Sovi - October 7

Swallowing c_m is not harmful towards the baby. It's going no where near the fetus....just into your stomach. :-)


to Sovi - October 8

It is digested too, just like anything else you eat.(which also goes to the baby)


WHAT? - October 17

That means the baby is eating c_m? That is nasty!


sam - October 17

It won't hurt your baby but you could get gut rot so I would recommend that you stop.


Gross but true - October 18

Actually if he is healthy and free of STDs, it's good for the baby. It has protein in it. If you don't mind you can keep doing it and it may help the baby develope it's hair/nails.


lol - October 18

actually they say it's a good source of


... - December 28

Baby is a cannibal eating his brothers and sisters.. lol I thought that was funny the frst time I thought about it... my dh and I had a good chuckle...


to ... - December 29

kinda not the same since sperm is only one half of the equation. Not really eating his siblings unless you are eating your fertilized eggs. How would you like those sauteed or grilled?


Kimmie - December 30

You cannot get "GUT RUT" (whatever the h*ll that is) from swallowing ejaculate.


DUH!! - December 30

If you do not know the answer to this question, or think its "nasty", you should not be having children.


Stacey_E - February 15

I won't do that during pregnancy. I just can't imagine swallowing and then having go to my unborn baby as a means of protein. That is just gross and I won't do it. Sorry.


Jewish-mom - December 13

It's totally fine to swallow your boyfriends sperm while your pregnant. I am 7 months right now and I have probably swallowed around 200 Loads during my pregnancy. Basically almost every day, and sometimes twice in one day. I read some studies that indicate that it can cure morning sickness as well as the proteins in the ejaculate is actually has health benefits for the baby if anything.



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