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Jane - May 4

My husband and I like to go to swingers clubs and I was wondering if was safe since I'm 6months pregnant. I'm worried it will hurt the baby cause I usually partner with 5-11 guys at one party.


OMG - May 4

I duno at 6 months i was more worried about being a loving nurturing mother and having a warm caring family based on love morals and values ... not 'partnering' with 5-11 strangers at a party every now and than! I will pray for you.


Jbear - May 5

I think you should ask your doctor about it. I think the possibilites of disease might make it a dangerous idea.


To Jane - May 5

You mean to tell me you screw 5-11 guys in one night? And your not so sore that you can't even walk out of the place? The thought of that much s_x makes me sore. What is the joy in that? There must be some really desperate guys out there if they are willing to do someone's wife who is 6 months preg. I'm also 6 months and I just can't imagine!


Melissa - May 5

Are you sure your husband is the father of your unborn child?? Your a s___t and your both going to burn in hell. I feel sorry for your unborn baby. May God have mercy on your soul.


Jane - May 5

To all you religious fanatics. Don't judge lest you be judge and don't throw stones at people. I know who the dad is cause I always use protection with all my other partners. Millions of people do swinging its very natural. There's even one minister and his wife that come to some of the parties I've been too, even some school teachers.


stephanie - May 5

I would worry about infections that you might be submitting your unborn baby to. I would say that what you are doing is not healthy at all. I think it's dangerous. What if you catch a diease? I would worry more about being a good mother and calming your lifestyle down. At least stop now and pick it back up after pregnancy.


?!! - May 5

you have got to be kidding me...I feel sorry for your unborn baby


OMG - May 5

That is sick and perverse, I am not a 'religeous fanatic' as you call it just someone who values good old fashioned morals when we didnt have to wrry about the preist or hackey coach molesting our children, it is these kinds of acts and beliefs that this is 'natural', and 'acceptable' that have made our world what it is today. S_x is something intimate between 2 people, it is meant to show LOVE, and for reproduction in a LOVING enviroment, I too find it very scary that you will be raising a child and instilling your beliefs in an innocent mind.


to jane - May 5

well, i'm not sure if it's safe or not safe, but i don't think that those partners who aren't your husband will be as careful with you. maybe hold off on the swinger parties. also, do you feel different being with other men or women now that you're pregnant than when you weren't? i mean, emotionally, since there is a baby inside you? we're holding off until after the baby. good luck, but i would suggest waiting until baby is born.. just in case!


To Jane - May 9

I can't believe people do this much less when they are preg. Sounds like one big orgy. Do yall take something to keep you h__y all night or what. I just have no idea how all that works. Is it one big room and everyone is just laying around screwing, sucking and feeling. or what?


Jen - May 9



to jane - May 9

I wish you would answer some of these ?s. that people are posting.


Latha - May 9

That doesn't sound safe to me!


milika - May 10

Jane ur not worried about ur baby. Or else, u wouldnt to it.


milika - May 10

Jane ur not worried about ur baby. Or else, u wouldnt do it.


KC - May 10

If u really care of ur baby u won't even think of going to the clubs. What ashame that u still thought of going to screw with other guys. U & ur husband don't deserve to have a baby, both of u r just selfish & terrible.



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