Is It Wrong To Be Considerate?

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TonyLeong81 - May 11

Facts you need to know before answering my question:

1. My wife is practically the only bonafide honest person in the world 2. She's never encountered the rough world as she has been treated like a princess all her life and she is very particular about the little things. 3. I want to satisfy my wife in bed but many times she will say she's tired or just ignore my advances. 

QUESTION: Is it wrong of me to be considerate towards the condition of our baby? Because I am an animal in bed but I am afraid it might damage my baby if I was rough on it during pregnancy. Because of this, we have less and less sex compared to before. And recently, only twice a week. And when I want it, she will say she's tired, and when I touch her, she will not be turned on like before anymore. Now just yesterday I faced an entire barrage of frustration from her, saying I have no desire for her anymore because we haven't had much sex like before, then bringing up the past saying that her ex is a better kisser that I am and she swore if I can't satisfy her, she will go get satisfaction from him and if he can satisfy her, she will leave me and take my baby too and HE will be the father. IS IT WRONG OF ME TO NOT TAKE CHANCES WITH THE FRAGILITY OF PREGNANCY? AM I WRONG? I am loosing her and we haven't talked because whenever I try to talk, she will compare me to other men and says she will not believe anything I say anymore, and when I shut up, she will accuse me of thinking of sleeping with other girls when I am afraid of speaking out of frustration and worry. Are pregnancy mood swings so severe as this?? How can I cope? I honestly don't know what to do. I want to comfort her, but I am afraid of triggering her backlash of comparison and bringing up the past again and again. Please help me. How do I cope with this? 


Grandpa Viv - May 12

Tony, there are mixed messages in your post. If your lovely wife wants passionate frequent sex I think you should please her. The baby is well cushioned. She will let you know if it feels excessive. 

Yes, the emotional upheaval of pregnancy can make your darling say weird things. Cue in on her wants and needs and make her feel well loved. 



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