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shaylyn - October 15

My boyfriend and I had s_x right around the days of my ovulation and the first night we finished with me on top and i dint think anything of it. because i guess he could have finished after i got off. then the 2nd night it was the same way except he decided we were done because he was just real thirsty but this time i thought he had finished about 20 minutes before. or maybe im just not good at telling when he is about to get off. What do you think could be the problem?


E586467 - October 15

Whether or not you can tell if he's c_m during s_x, you should be able to tell if he did afterwards by the amount of 'stuff' that leaks out of you. The discharge is completely different than when you use a condom, it is heavier, creamier & gooier. If your discharge is still rather clearish & thin (just a bit heavier due to being worked up) then I'd say he's not ejaculated inside you. Are you two trying for a baby? Does he want one or could he just be playing along to keep you happy? Anyway goodluck getting pregnant if that's what you want & take notice of this discharge after s_x & you should be able to tell if he came.


Jezebel - October 17

he wouldn't be able to keep going for 20 minutes after he ejaculated unless he was using an enhancement drug. how long have you been having s_x with this guy that you can't tell when he is ejaculating?


Teddyfinch - October 19

yeah guys can't exactly hide it when they're ejaculating.


shaylyn - October 20

we havent actually discussed having children yet but we have been together for a year. && we generally use the pull out method and if pregnancy happens then it happens. well i thought he was just having "finishing" problems because like i said he usually pulls out but here recently there is always some reason we just stop. but what made me wonder if he was c_mming inside of me was the other day he was telling people i had gained weight and i was having a baby. but of course we wouldnt know for sure right now because i would be in the two week wait.


clindholm - October 21

Why don't you just ask him?


Malica - October 21

Start talking to him, and now. Having a child is very challenging for even very strong and committed couples. Being unable to talk openly about wanting to have children, directly discussing the possibility of pregnancy, or even what happens between the sheets is a sign of poor communication which would be the death of any relationship under the strain of having a baby.



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