Is She Telling Me The Truth

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Confused - April 12

I just started a relationship with a new girl not long ago. We started having an intimate relationship not long after and now she is pregnant. However, only 19 days after the first time we had s_x, she went to the hospital due to complications, but I wasn't there. She told me that she listened to the baby's heartbeat that day. If she is telling the truth, then am I really the one that got her pregnant? I guess what I am asking is if you could hear a baby's heartbeat 19 days after conception?


Lisa - April 12

Sounds to me like you have a valid doubt. Usually, a baby's heartbeat can't be heard until 10-12 wks in...6 at the earliest at a good hospital. 19 days puts her at about 3.5-4.5 wks at the away while you still can


Daisy Jean - April 12

Have you asked her about this? Did she tell you it was yours? I agree with Lisa that the timimg doesn't work. What kind of "complications" did she say she was having? You really need to ask some questions. Maybe she will confess.


Confused - April 12

She told me that I had gotten her pregnant. She told me the complications came after a collision she had with the catcher in a softball game and that when she went to the bathroom she was bleeding. So far she has been vague and short with her answers as to the details about this whole deal.


layla - April 12

I bet she is not telling the truth. Sounds like you should run far away from her unless she will talk more openly and in detail about it. Ask her what the timing of the heartbeat was.....she would probably know that if she is telling the truth. You can also ask her if they did a sonogram. If she says yes then ask her if they listened through her stomach or if they had to do it v____ally because if she was only that far along they would have had to do it v____ally.


HEEELL NAH!!!!!! - April 12

you know what you did. don't let this hoe play you. if your absolutely sure about the events up until this point then she knows just as much as you do that her baby is not your baby. tell her how you feel and ask her to call you with the test results if your not sure then just stick around and have dns test done on you and the child.


NO WAY - April 13

NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way,she is tripping and you might wnat to rethink things


MizNusty - April 17

This chick is crazy. There is no way they could hear the heart after 19 days. DO NOT have s_x with her again, it is probable that she has issues and could cause you lots of problems with her lies.



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