Is The Colour Of Your Period Always Pink Or Brown When Preg

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question - June 8

If you were pregnant would you get your period? i hear some people say you can, but if you do isn't it either light pink or brown so you should be able to tell your pregnant? If you werent pregnant it would be red right? cuz if it can still be red even if you're pregnant then that's confusing..


wannaknow - June 9

no ones ever wondered this?


NO! - June 9

Your period or what color it is , is not an indicator of being pregnant or not! Get real!!


... - June 9

and no nobody has ever wondered that


maybe - June 10

so im a nobody? its true..when reading things about signs of being pregnant it says "if" you get your period it should be light pink or brown. so then if its normal colour and not those it means youre not pregnant?


to maybe - June 10

No, that is a generalization not a fact, believe me. If you have any concerns about that get a pregnancy test or you can have a blood pregnancy test at a doctors office which is even more accurate.


GROW UP - June 10



yup, - June 12

I agree


Roxi - June 12

What? Pink? Just how old are you, anyway?


unknown - June 12

older than your mom


Tennysha - July 14

i belive anyone that is smart enough to ask someone about something they are unsure about is smarter than most people. So just answer and be nice


To tennysha - July 14



Rana - July 19

The color of your period wont tell you if your pregnant,but if you already know that you are pregnant and you continue to have your period anyways, then you should ask a doctor what is normal. But I could tell you this much i had my period all thru my pregnantcy and the color was light pink and brown.


urgent!! - August 14

i am not sure if i hav my period yet, but i have brown stuff so do i have it or not?


first? - August 14

you mean your first period in your life? if theres brown stuff then you most likely have it and its just beginning



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