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Giovanna - April 14

Before I was pregnant, my s_x life with my husband could have been better - we rarely did it before but at least we did. Since I have been pregnant and especially now that I am showing well, my husband does not touch me. I have asked for s_x, I have made it clear I want it, and I am consistently turned away. Before pregnancy I would have preferred to have it 3 times a week or so, but now that I am pregnant, I would like more. But I don't get it but MAYBE once a month if I even get that much! Is it normal for a man to not want to show affection to his wife when she is pregnant? I don't even so much as get compliments or touches anymore. It's almost like he thinks I'm disgusting (and I'm not one of those women who pack on 50 pounds either!). I'm pet_te, pretty, and showing. Is that gross or something?


Layla - April 14

I have been faced with the same thing lately. I have read that some men are more turned on by a pregnant woman while others feel uncomfortable about it. My best friend said that her husband felt weird about it when she started to get a big belly because he felt like what he was doing in there was affecting the baby. My problem with my husband is that we can't do it the way we used to since I am 28 weeks and showing. It is almost like a chore to work around my belly. Some of the things that I used to love are hurting me or at least feeling uncomfortable. It gets boring doing it the same way every time. It bothers me because I feel like I am not giving him any adventure or variety like I used to. He seems to understand but I like the feeling of intinacy we get from it and I don't feel that right now. It has slowed down to only about once a week. I hope that my input has helped, I know I dont have any advice but you should just know that you are not alone. I am with you, girl. I am going to check back and see what other peole have to tell you because I would like to know too.


f - April 14

hi ladies i wish i had some good advice but unfortunately i don't. i am 26 weeks and showing more and more. it is a challenge for me and my husband to work around my belly and i am self concious about it because i have always been thin before.... but i was glad to read about other women in similar circ_mstances! hope it gets better for everyone!


MiaBella - April 18

It was the same thing for me and my husband during my first pregnacy. We had s_x about three times after my 5th month. I never even got that big at all either. 27lbs and I'm tall so most people only thought I was 6/7 months when I was 9months. From what I've heard most men don't want s_x much after their wife starts to show. It pregnancy seems to be the best kind of birth control. =)



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