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yumymumy - January 27

i just replyed in a post and a lady said this might be the problem, iv thought about this before and wondered and iv also been told it doesnt matter, but im trying to fall pregnant and i go pee after s_x, if i dont need to pee i stil go coz i dont like it all gushing out and sleeping with it all in me so i try clean myself up. so is it true that going to the toilet after s_x will seriously decrease the chance of you falling pregnant? because all sperm comes out? iv been trying for 5 months already. i have a son and it took 2 n half years to concieve him, is this why?? please need answers from everyone


candaceann1 - January 27

You should try to lay still for atleast a half hour after s_x if you are trying to concive. So I would have to say yes to your question.


SaraH - January 27

I would have to say no -although I'm not 100% certain. While it's true that you may want to wait a few minutes, I don't think peeing impedes pregnancy --they actually tell you to pee after s_x b/c it can help reduce the chance of an UTI.-- Anyways though, my dh and I have used a method of birth control for 3 yr's called the “Creighton model of fertility” and it is a form of natural family planning. I have had cla__ses on it to help understand what I am doing/looking for in fertility signs. This method uses only CM to determine fertility and since they don't want ppl to be confused they tell you to always use the bathroom after s_x and to bear down (the idea is to help remove any of the excess fluids that are in you from s_x so the next day you don't see ejaculatory fluids and mistake them for CM). My dh and I used this method for 2 yr's to avoid a pregnancy and it worked perfectly. Then we used it 3 times to achieve a pregnancy (since you know when your fertile it really helps you get pregnant). We had 2 m/c and w/ both of those I got pregnant the 1st month we tried. With this current pregnancy I got pregnant the 2nd month we tried and I got up and used the bathroom right away w/ all of those pregnancies. I also did the whole "bearing down" thing w/ all of those pregnancies as well, as I also hate that feeling of just leaving it to all "gush out" and sleeping with it. Also I know that this method is considered extremely good for helping to get pregnant in that most couples using it fall pregnant w/in 3 months (I think it's something like 75% and then w/ in 5 months or so it's like 95%). It works well enough that fertility specialist view couples using this method as having problems if they don't fall pregnant w/in 6 months -normally they don't consider a problem unless it's been 1 yr or more.-- So, I don't know for sure, but I can say that while it may be beneficial to lay still for a small amount of time, all of the sperm do not come out of you --otherwise if that was the case women would be using it as a potential way to avoid a pregnancy. Also the teachers for the method that my dh and I use do not tell you to stay in bed and wait when you are trying to conceive --and obviously it doesn't seem to matter a whole lot that they didn't tell us that. GL on trying to conceive and I hope that you get that baby soon. My best advice would be that it might help to lay still for a bit, but I don't think you need to wait all night or anything. Good luck


charmy - January 29

yes.... don't get straight up... lay down for a bit


yumymumy - January 29

thanx for replys girls, i am from now on staying put lol


Crystal Star - January 29

I was told when I was trying to concieve not to get up after s_x. I was also told to elevate my feet so that the sperm does not run out. It helped me to get pregnant. Good luck tho!


s_xicherypoptart - February 18

i always get right up and clean up. use a towel and try to make it come out of me. i still got pregnant


punkin01 - February 18

i always get up and "clean up and pee" after s_x and i have a beatiful DD and was on the pill after she was born and still got up to clean up and pee and still got preggo with my son (25 weeks along) so best of luck to you !!!! but i would lay still for a while and putting your feet up prob wouldnt hurt either ........



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