It Is Possible That I M Pregnant

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Anonymous - February 24

I know that question is cliched, but I have to ask. My partner and I had protected s_x (condom and birth control) a few times in mid January and again on February 18th (He had a condom on, but did not ejaculate, instead we stopped intercourse and had "shared m____eion"). I had my period as normal in January. Now, you'll have to forgive me for being a complete idiot, but I started my period for the month of February, only it seems to be a week early (I can't for the life of me remember if it's supposed to start on February 20th or the 28th). I read about implantation bleeding, but this is definitely heavy enough to be a period, though slightly lighter than normal. I grew concerned and took a pregnancy test today (Feb. 24th) and it came back negative. These past two days I have been having stomach issues (Burning, gnawing, small boughts of nausea...But I believe this is due to a weak stomach, I have a history of producing too much stomach acid). Apart from that, I have no symptoms. No br___t soreness, no excess in peeing. My only concern is that I seems my period came a week early (Though I usually have it around the same time as the other woman in this household and she got hers a few days before mine). Could I just be imagining things and it is actually on time? What could be another cause for an early period? Was it too early to register a positive pregnancy test (It's been over a month since conception would have occured)? Sorry for the long post, but I'd like to give out all information that I can...


none - March 1

i highly doubt that you're pregnant... how many days was your period?


Nat - March 2

I think your being a little paranoid here. You have not missed your period, you did not have unprotected s_x, you have no other pregnancy signs and a test showed up negative - I really dont think you have naything to worry about.



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